I gotta be me

As most of my readers know, I like the Chinese culture in many ways.  More than that, I like a lot of people who also happen to be Chinese.

Mind you, there are plenty to choose from……

But that inclination to be a Sinophile-cum-fan doesn’t make me stupid.  I can see things about China and even Chinese culture about which I am not a big fan.

I like the emphasis on civil harmony but that comes with a lack-of-freedom-of-speech price.  I like how they all pull together but that also fosters group-think and makes the individual somewhat expendable.

There is a lot of yin and yang to the Chinese culture as there is to ours.  It ain’t black and white.  It is not all bad.  It is not all good.

One of the cultural biases I hold close is the rule of law and the Judeo-Christian ethic.  Call them institutionalized value systems, if you like.  I freely admit that I ‘like’ them because I was raised in them.  Those values are my values.  I have added a bit from the US Constitution, Star Trek and a few cheap B movies but, basically, I am a law-abiding, Judeo-Christian kind of guy.

The Chinese culture is not.  Not even close.  They are more Confucian, more concerned with the hive than the bee…….that kind of thing.

They may even be right.  We may be right.  Who am I to know from my limited already-brainwashed perspective?  I won’t judge too much.  Especially since we are hardly disciplined practitioners of our own values ourselves.

But one thing is clear.  One thing is true regardless of which value system you choose:  You can’t have them both.  That cultural dissonance is the root of the saying, “The east is the east and the west is the west and never the twain shall meet”.

Canada is ignoring that.

Canada is close to ratifying a deal with China that will subjugate Canada.  It will make us a colony of China – at least as far as the deal extends.  China is 50 times larger than Canada and, even in a Judeo-Christian based business world, the bigger the dog, the bigger the share.  We are not even a flea on this dog.  And they’ll eat us like they are snapping at fleas.

Harper is sending naked kids to hand-feed hungry lions.  It isn’t a scenario that can possibly work out for the kids.

And, because of their value system, that kind of exploitation, that kind of opportunism, that kind of unfairness will pose no ethical, moral or legal problem for them.  It was just good luck.  Good joss.  They aren’t being bad, they are just having good luck.

For Chinese Business (which is the government), it is first the emperor (now the Politburo), then the middle kingdom and – way down the Confucian/PRC list – is the Chinese individual.  Even further down the list is the environment.

The point?  Canada and Canadians are not even on the list!  And we never will be.  It ain’t personal.  It’s just business (like the business between an Owl and a mouse). 

You want proof?  Ironically, you can ask any Sinophile, even a Chinese.  They know the two systems don’t mesh.  They know they operate one way here and another in China.  The two systems can’t work as one.  Neither will an international contract that involves them.

This Canada China trade deal is a terrible, terrible thing for our country.

Yes, I know.  Not off-the-grid.  Not funny.  Worse, a political rant.  What can I say?



2 thoughts on “I gotta be me

  1. As our American master circles the drain, depleted from endless war, we must now move to sell out to the next in line. It’s what we do. Hewers, diggers and drillers that we are.


  2. Canada is a hinterland by choice and the object is to despoil Canada as soon as possible. Raw logs let’s shipp’em, bitumen ship it, also ship natural gas, minerals, water, & human capital. Ship it all till Canada joins the Third World. The term ‘value added’ has no currency in Canadian political thinking nor does informed self-interest. Canada strives to be the hand maiden to the industrial powers. We have no industrial strategy. Canadian politicians are hell bent to export all our natural resource as quickly as possible and to sleep with the dragon.


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