Dear Prudence


When people stock up on supplies the tendency is to plan to cover a specific period of time only and then not to re-stock until then.  In other words, there is a tendency towards a bit of brinksmanship.  We all like to think of that as efficient.

But you shouldn’t do that if you live remote.

When living, planning and stocking to live off-the-grid, you have to plan for ‘some extra’.  The hard part is figuring out how that ‘extra’ need or requirement might show up.

I buy 100 gallons of gasoline for about four months of running boats and small engines and so, as I work through the inventory to month three, I book the barge delivery for the next month.  The assumption, of course, is that the barge will be there for me.  Reasonable enough, wouldn’t you say?

I tend towards having the barge come three times a year when, in fact, I have the storage capacity for leaving it to two times.  But, for that kind of just-in-time management to happen, everything has to run out at the same time and so I tend to overlap a little.  Reasonable-but-leaning-towards-the-cautious side, wouldn’t you say?

Not enough, it seems.

The barge will not be there for me this month.  This time the barge is in drydock.  Like I said – I can stretch propane and diesel til they come back but, this time my gasoline supplies are too low.  And I found out about that when I phoned today.  We will be out of gasoline too soon!  Damn!

I am not really complaining. The barge will be back next month and we can cope till then.  I only have to ‘bridge’ that 30 day gap and I can do that with a few portable Jerry cans.  No big deal.  We did that for years.  Some people still do (full containers really stink up a car when you are traveling over bumpy roads.  It is something to be avoided if at all possible).

But, honestly, this is just another small example of being just a smidge behind the learning curve out here.  I really should have enough of all fuels on hand for five months and plan on calling the barge as month three is ending.  I really should have had that extra month in reserve.

Lesson learned.  Another storage container will be purchased.

As I plan and stockpile into my eighth year out here, I still wonder if I have the right assessment on things.  It is only natural.  I am still learning and not fully confident in my off-the-gridding competence.  I kinda know I’ll screw up a bit now and then but the comfort comes from knowing that I won’t likely make the same mistake twice.  The discomfort comes from knowing that there are always new ways to screw up.  And I will find them.  This time it was fuel.  And, like most screw-ups, the situation is made a bit more dire by it being winter.   Travel plans are always more ‘iffy’ in the winter.  There is a bit more urgency to it now………….

Is this worthy of a blog post?  Perhaps not.  We all run out of things now and then.  That’s life.  In fact, it is the very definition of life – we run out of it!  But running out of fuel when you live remote is a bit more vulnerable-making, a bit more ‘dicey’, don’t you think?  Well, I do.  I will address this issue a bit sooner rather than later.

It is the prudent thing to do.

2 thoughts on “Dear Prudence

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