Reality check


“Don’t you think you should write a bit about our personal growth?  You know, how our experiences have taught us things and how we, well, grew-as-people, kinda? 

“I’ve put on weight…..?”

“No, silly.  I mean, like how we can do more stuff and how we know about wood and stuff?”

“I don’t know about wood.  Neither do you.  You can recognize the species when they are trees but when they are cut into lumber, you seem to have the same trouble as me.  Hell, wet cedar still looks and feels like fir to me!”

“OK.  Bad example.  But, surely we have grown some in the last eight years.  Haven’t we?”

“Well, you are better at a lot of stuff but, really, being able to dock your boat without smashing into it first is hardly personal growth.  Mind you, I do heal faster than ever before now that I think about it.  But, of course, I cut myself more often so that’s a wash.  I dunno, Sal.  Maybe when the bread rises a bit more, we can claim that as a victory”.

“C’mon, you know more stuff about batteries and solar energy, right?”

“Yeah.  I guess.  But it all changes so fast, I am now only two generations behind the technology.  And I am still confused whenever I see more than four wires coming out of something.  If there has been growth it has been nano-growth.  Same for engines.  Just when you think you know something, you have an engine on your hands that ‘makes no sense’.  We may have grown but we have also grown old.  Kinda off-setting, ya know”.

“Well I, for one, feel as if I have grown.  I really do.  Like taking care of dogs.  Sitting on the community board.  Taking care of dogs.”

“You mentioned taking care of dogs twice.”

“We have two dogs!”

“I am not so sure that your sense of logic has grown much.”

“So, why do I feel as if I have grown?  More to the point, why do I think that you have, too?”

“I think it is like when a guy stops beating his head against the wall.  Stopping feels like an improvement.  Personal growth.  In fact, it is just the cessation of self abuse.  We got out of the rat race, the madding crowd and now live a normal healthy life.  That is a huge improvement over sitting in traffic and worrying about bills.  But jumping ship is not personal growth.  It’s just jumping ship.  For personal growth to happen your bread has to rise and I have to be able to fix small engines.”

“Wow!  In that case, we are doomed.”

“Well, the first step is admitting you have a problem.  Let’s call that our first step to personal growth.”

“We gonna stop there?”

“I think so.”



1 thought on “Reality check

  1. Brain plasticity trumps over doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I’m no expert on brain plasticity but it seems to be a state to be desired when compared to brain atrophy. I surmise that atrophy is often confused with holding an ideology but I digress. The main difference between the two is an ideology is the willful holding of a view in the face of powerful contrary evidence whereas brain atrophites can not help themselves. As to the concept of growth you play your cards the best you can and if you have the plastic brain card that trumps a lot of cards.


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