A minor hitch in the gitalong

Sal and I sat on the couch last night.  I was reading a book on organic farming (Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal by Joel Salatin) and pouring scotch as required.  She was working on my book.  This is good.  If Sal is on the case, the book might happen.

I may not be a good writer but I am prolific and over the past two years have written well over 700 posts.  About 1200 pages of 8×11 single-spaced drivel.  As you know, it was originally intended as just an exercise to see if I had the discipline to write every day.  That is what the experts advised: “Just write.  Fuggedabout quality.  Just write.  See if you can do it!”

Well, I can do it.  In fact, I can hardly stop myself, actually.  It has become a bit of an obsession.  Well, a habit anyway.  It must be therapeutic in some kind of way.

Even though I trust Sally totally (especially in matters such as these), she is no more an editor than I am a writer.  She hasn’t a clue.

“So, how are you gonna do this?  Do you see a theme, a story line, a book of any kind?  Or do you just see a huge pile of blog posts like I do?”

“I have broken them down into categories, ya know, like building, everyday events, accidents, wildlife, boating……that sort of thing.” 

“I guess that makes sense.  But then what?  Make chapters out of the categories?”

“Maybe.  That might work.”

“What else is there?  I can’t actually see a story, can you?  Got any sort of plan?”

“Not really.  My plan is to first categorize and I haven’t finished doing that yet.  And I keep having to read them again and again to know which category they should be in.  So far, I don’t see much of a pattern let alone a book.  This is a huge job!  Stop writing for God’s sake!  OMYGAWD!  You are writing about this!  Stop!  Stop this madness right now!”

Production, it seems, may be out of control.  Packaging is way behind and we have yet to find a distributor.  I know we are grossly under capitalized and our accounting is a mess.  Labour relations are volatile and we have not established a market of any kind.  In fact, we just have a small sampling to justify our way-over-leveraged commitment.  Worst of all, management sucks!

I dunno………. I may have to sell my shares and get out.




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