Teamwork, Sally-style


Sal and I worked on the deck again yesterday.  Finished the foundation level.  Mostly.  A log or two still to place but just an hour or so more work will really finish it up.  The frame is complete.  We can see the big picture now.

We are still working well together altho the strain is showing on the Ol’ Pudding. I may have a crack or two, as well.   It is hard for her to take supervision – especially from someone in whom familiarity has bred contempt. And I sympathize.

“Familiarity breeds contempt.  Absolute familiarity breeds absolute contempt.  And I know you very, very well, sweetie.”  (S. Davies, circa 2012)

Part of the problem is that men and women think differently.  Or, as Sal would put it, “Men think differently!”

To my mind, men make decisions, women make conversation.  And, I mean that in the nicest way possible.

“Please measure that space so that I can cut the board”.

“I get thirteen feet six inches”.

“Good!”  And I then make a step towards cutting the board……..

“WAIT!!  I just think it is 13 feet six inches.  You should check.”

“I don’t need to check.  I trust you.  If you have any doubts, you should just measure it again.”

“No. I think you should check.  In that way, we’ll both be right or we’ll both be wrong.”

“No.  Not really.  If you measure it right then we’ll both be right because you can use a tape measure as well as I can.”

“But, you’ll be mad if it is wrong.”

“Well, that is true.  Especially after all this inane discussion.  But just be careful and do the job right and no one will get mad.  And no one will get hurt.”

“See?  I knew it!  You’ll get mad.  You are already getting mad.  I am not gonna measure the space.  No way!”

And she steps away from the space……………..

Fuming, I leave the chop saw and go down to the space in question.  And I say, “OK.  I’ll measure the space.  But, when I do, you go and take that measurement and you cut the board.”

“No way!  What if I cut it wrong?”

“But Sal, we are supposed to be working together!”

“Exactly.  That is why I want you to measure the board, too.  We measure together.  Maybe we even cut together, ya know?  You see?  Two people cooperating like a team!”

I can’t argue with that kind of logic.  “Fine.  Pass me the tape!”

I hope that partially explains the pace of this project.

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