Heaven is black and white


Going off the grid is an adventure.  And good adventurers are good team-mates.  Sal and I are a good team and, as a consequence, we have had good adventures.  It may be just that simple.  Or quite magical.  I dunno………….

Many people live their lives from a secure and happy perspective.  They have what they want and they are who they want to be and, for the most part, their glass is half-full.  I tend to see the world from the opposite view.  I always want something different, I need to change the world around me and I always think I should be better than I am.  For me, the glass is always half-empty.

Fortunately for me, Sally is one of the happy former and, together, our differences tend to balance out.  She makes me happy.  I make her crazy.  It’s a kinda balance, anyway.

And I am only partly joking.  Sally is happy – for the most part – at whatever she is doing.  She lives mostly in the moment and finds what is good in it to find.  She is the embodiment of the old rock and roll song, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with, love the one you’re with.” She can make any place nice and fun.  She brings the light.

I am dark.  Discontent.  I want change.  The moment bugs me.  I wanna mess with the status quo.  “Let’s get the hell out of here!”  I am buzz-kill.

But, because of her ‘lightness’, she is OK with that.  Mostly.  She often says, “Well, all things considered, I have to admit that you bring interest and surprise and humour and growth and more surprise to my life.  Perhaps a bit more than I ever wanted but, all in all, I am happier for the experiences.  Honest.  But, can we stop now?”

Sometimes that movement, that unrest, is non-negotiable.  Sometimes danger threatens.  Sometimes things are getting ugly.  Or boring, anyway.  Sometimes the glass truly is in danger of going empty.  It is then we malcontents come into our own.  That is the neighbourhood I tend to be more familiar with.  She brings the light, I bring the night-vision.

So, we tend to equilibrium by way of each other rather than by way of the situation we are in.

Face it – situations change.  Life can throw you a cake or a curve-ball.  It is really all in how you handle it and we have discovered that, acting as a team, we can keep some balance and moderation in our lives.  Call it rock-hard stale cake, if you want but that’s the way we see it!  She is the Force, I am the dark side.  Yin and yang.  Our glass may be half full, it may be half empty but, either way, we have at least half together.  And we are both happy with that.

See the irony in that last sentence?  I am happy with that!?  Maybe the glass truly is filled to the brim and my cup also runneth over?

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