Pondering, mostly


This year is almost over.  Will be by tomorrow.  And so I really should do a review.  It’s what media do.  But, honestly, my year and the one before it would read mostly like an emergency ward medical record.  “How many band-aids?  How much blood loss?  Ooohh….that must have really hurt?”

I don’t think we need to spend any more time there, do you?

For some reason year-end tends to steer toward nostalgia and I am feeling a bit that way, I confess.  It might just be the arrival of our two friends who Sal and I have known for over forty years.  We lived on sailboats when we were younger and they were liveaboards, too.  Our neighbours.  Been friends ever since.

But, more than that was the call I just took as I was writing this.  My father’s best friend, John, called. He was missing my dad (long deceased) and I benefit from a weird form of hereditary closeness from that old frendship.  John is 90. And so we spoke for awhile, cracked jokes, caught up and made promises to get together next year.

I dunno……….there is some kind of magic in all that, don’t you think?

But that is not what an off-the-grid blog is about.  Let me give you an update: Sal and guests are out hiking in the woods.  Maybe they’ll set a prawn trap before they go.  Took the dogs.  Except for the phone, I am alone.  Quiet and living without expectations for the first time in weeks!  Who woulda thunk that solitude would be one of my best friends as I got older?

I don’t need a lot of nothing but a little now and then is quite delightful.

Tonight, a six-person New Years Eve party is planned.  Subdued, I hope.  We’ll keep the noise down. But, ya never know out here.  Last year a passing boater had her motor quit and so, in the middle of the evening, a dark, wet, somewhat distressed figure appeared at the door and made the party larger by one.  She ate and drank so much she promised to break down again this year.

I’ve been looking ever since on Craigslist for a cheap used 9.9hp hp outboard I could buy just in case.  I swear my intentions are good.  Just being helpful.  I swear.

Another neighbour was having battery-inverter-power problems yesterday and I was summoned to commiserate and wonder alongside him.  We hmméd and haaa’d and scratched our heads and came up with things to do but, really, if your batteries and inverter are down, whatever you do will take hours of genset charging to check.  He’s been running the genset since then.  So, we’ll see.

Weather is calm.  Relatively warm.  A bit of sun now and then.  Pretty good for the last day in December, actually.

I wonder what 2013 will bring?





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