Easy company

“What can I do to help?” asked J.

“Well, we have a couple of females here that need to go back and then there are all the heads that have to be tossed.  Wanna go down to the beach and free the mamas and the heads?” 

(Sounds a bit like a 70’s rock group, don’t you think?)

One of our guests went to the beach with a couple of prawn-mamas in one hand and a small container of prawn heads in the other.  The rest of us were back at the house cleaning up after prawn-ripping.  We were putting the tails in small bags and splitting them up. 

If you come across a female with eggs, you let her go.  Everyone else gets their head ripped off.  Kinda like life-in-general…….. 

She came back a few minutes later.  “Wow!  All hell broke loose!  I tossed the heads and freed the mamas and a flock of gulls came swooping in followed by a big eagle.  And then a huge sea-lion cruised by watching it all while Fid checked him out.  And then the ravens came in to see what all the fuss was about.  Sheesh!  One minute it was quiet and calm and then there was a wildlife melee going on.  Pretty neat.”

“Wash your hands.  Eat your breakfast.  You have to get moving if you are going to catch your ferry.  We gotta leave in 15 minutes.”

“I can’t believe it.  We were here almost three whole days and I was sure I was gonna spend most of it reading.  And I haven’t read hardly anything.  Is it always so busy ’round here?”

“It is with ol’ Sal running the show.  If it was me, you’d have read and then napped.  Maybe a few extra snacks.  But that gal is a hiking, kayaking, prawn-setting maniac.  Here it is January second and you are out in her boat pulling traps before breakfast.  Yesterday was climbing the nearest mountain. Day before that, hiking in the forest. The woman is mad!  Mad, I say!”

“Well, we had a lot of fun.  Thanks.  It was a great New Years.  Just great.”

And so it was.

Our last guests of 2012 and our first guests of 2013 have parted.  It was good.  It would be even better if they came up to settle in the area or, at least, came by more often.  Being with good friends is a great way to start off the new year.


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