The marketing of abnormal

It has taken awhile but Sal is getting ‘into it’. It may be a good thing.  We’ll see.

“Saw a bunch of canning jars for sale.  Thinkin’ about gettin’ some.  Might do  some canning.”

“Wha..?!  You don’t can!  You hate canning!?”

“I don’t hate it so much as think it silly.  I can buy stuff way more cheaply than I can can it”.

“So…………….?  Why you lookin’ at canning jars, then?”

“Well, it is the thing to do out here, isn’t it?  I mean, if people can, then they do, don’t they?  They don’t teach!”

“Huh?  ……oh, I get it.  Funny.”

“Never mind.  Just thought I’d lay in some goods…..ya know………..stock up the larder…that kind of thing?”

Lay in some goods……stock…larder….?

Sal’s been reading Joel Salatin.  He’s the guru of Common Sense Farming and an advocate for common sense in everything.  He’s an American farmer doin’ it the old way and living happy and healthy.  And he thinks he is wise.  He fights the local bureaucrats, doesn’t watch TV and he writes books on farming and gardening in his spare time.  After reading Salatin, you wanna buy a cow.

It is a political statement.

And that is at the very least.  You also want chickens and will probably start to wonder where you might pick up a good ‘hawg-killin’ tub.  He makes it all sound so righteous!

I dunno.  I’m resisting it a bit, myself.

But, he is an influence.  I’ll give him that.  And so we have come up with a Joel Salatin-kind of a plan to try out.  He is a big advocate of farmers helping neighbours and vice versa.  “Know your local farmer.”

So, we are gonna go say ‘hello’, anyway.

And we are going to trade.  We’ll take some oysters to someone who keeps bees.  We’ll take some clams to someone who keeps chickens. We’ll take some mussels to someone with an orchard.  We’ll take a fish to someone who hunts deer.   And, in this way, we’ll have honey, eggs,apples and venison – without too much blood or bee stings.  And all we have to do is work at low tide or in a small boat in the cold and the rain for hours at end.

Salatin is a genius.

No, really.  He must be.  Salatin writes books about it.  He does it all, too, I am sure.  But he also writes about it and I think he writes more than he does.  I think this because JS has written at least eight books.  It is hard to get in all that hawg-killin’, bee-keepin’, chicken-pluckin’ and farming and still have time to write eight books.

I should know.

No, I think he’s mostly a farm marketing genius.  You know, like the real estate millionaires who got so rich in real estate that they just teach people how to do it for the low, low price of $399 payable in small, monthly installments?

Maybe Mrs. Salatin is a realtor specializing in small farms?


Basically, I agree with Joel.  I really do.  He’s got his feet firmly planted in manure and compost and silage and all that crap.  Literally.  But he does make sense.  Kinda.  Trouble is, he calls his farm Polyface.  That’s a bit odd.  Kind of implies being duplicitous, don’t you think?  Farm-of-many-faces?

Still, his latest book is titled:  Folks, This Ain’t Normal.  And insofar as what passes for normal these days, I really agree with that!

6 thoughts on “The marketing of abnormal

  1. There is more to life than thrift. Stick to acidic things and you will not die of botchalism. Canned sweet stuff: jam and the like but avoid low acid home canned foods or court those ‘great questions’ which you are not eager to have answered.


  2. Well, mostly we are all talk at this point. Don’t even have the jars yet. Just thinkin’. And we’ll wait for the spring markets to go say ‘hello’. We are busy enough as it is. Still, a cow sounds kinda neat, eh?


  3. If you wanna get down, down on the ground; ptomaine.
    If you want to shout and trash about ptomaine
    You’ll die, you’ll die; ptomaine.


    • Well,…………….hmmmmm……………thanks for that…………I think. Ptomaine, eh? Can’t say as I am lookin’ forward to it………


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