Spring?  So soon?

Weather’s OK, that is for sure.  But the wind is whipping up a bit.  Things are bright and clear.  And mine eyes are getting sorted.  Still a little out-of-sync but working – especially the new one.  Feels like Spring.  We’re thinking of getting out and about today.  Try to get some chores done.

First up, is pulling in some prawns if sea-conditions permit.  It’s a bit early in the season but we feel the need to get a few so a couple of traps worth will suffice nicely.  Three pounds or so.  No sense in getting more.  They stay fresher and get bigger leaving them in the ocean to await our future culinary requirements anyway.

Plus we are not pushing any envelopes right now.  I am a smidge more safety conscious and Sal is a smidge more Dave-and-his-condition conscious.

The weather is mild enough that some seeds are starting to sprout so a bit of time in the garden may be in order as well.  But that job is Sal’s, mostly. (I find it hard to talk to plants.  It is required, I am told.  I am disinclined to talk to cats and dogs as well.  I am just ill-suited to the task.  I need feedback, not tail-back.)

We definitely have a few logs to cut and haul.  Our beach is currently ‘logs akimbo’.  So, that would likely be job two.  And then there is the ‘hangover’.  It’s an old tree that hangs over the solar array in the winter effectively reducing the power production.  It has to go although, strangely, I feel I have more in common with it than the cats, dogs and vegetables.  (We’ve frequently spoken – is what I am sayin’).  Still, it is a tree and I am a man with a chainsaw.  It is just our destiny, really.

Which reminds me: it is time to top the batteries.  Fluid levels need to be checked.  May as well do another oil change on the genset while we are at it.  I do not tend to talk to machinery.  Not really.  Sometimes I yell at it but it is not really about communication.  It is a bit more about determining who is in charge.  The jury is still out.

Those are just the chores off the top, as it were.  If I go to the official list, it grows by a factor of five.  We have a busy schedule looming this spring.  Maybe even busier by summer.  Then it’s the whacky season. It’s when the guests show up and all hell breaks loose.  May even have some more students this year.  There’s talk, anyway.

I guess that is the point of this post – I am not quite all the way back yet but all things seem to be progressing way ahead of schedule.  Spring, the garden, my eyes.  I am thinking that a hiatus til April 1 won’t be required.  March 1 is more like it.

Healing.  New growth.  Spring is in the air…………… it is all looking good.  It’s definitely a good day.

3 thoughts on “Ho-hum……(yawn)……s-t-r-e-t-c-h…………

  1. Go back in a week………..should be squinting and adjusting the two together by Valentine’s Day. If eye one is an indicator, I should be almost normal three or four days later.


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