Gender equality in the forest (without witnesses)

“What’s on our agenda today?” I asked Sal

“I dunno.  Gotta do the laundry.  We need to load in some wood.  We can try to figure out how to use that new hard drive if you want?”

“Not good enough.  I have readers!”

“Hmmmm, right.  And I don’t trust you not to just make something up.  You whacko.  You are kind of sick…you know that?  Hmmm……I suppose we could bring up some logs from the beach.  Maybe get some oysters…….?”

“Nah.  Tide’s too high.  We’d just get wet.  And I have done a few ‘wet blogs’ already.  Need something new.  I kinda like the idea of makin’ something up, tho.  Sump’n kinda sick sounds cool.  I’ll do sex.  Use really gross key words.  That should get good ratings.  Good suggestion.”

“Stop that!  Stop that right now!  Don’t even think of it.  Don’t make me mad, now.  I swear that, if you do, I’ll go into the post and I’ll delete it.  I swear.  Try to be good for once!”

“Oh, alright.  But I suppose, then, I could do a post on your dictatorial ways…?  You know?  The editor from hell?”

“Yeah, right.  Like anyone would believe that!  Why don’t you just make yourself useful and take out the washing?  Get it started while you are out there.  And what about those dishes….better get on ’em.”

“You sure no one would believe me?”

“They never have.”

“Right.  That’s true.  Man, oh man.  ‘My kingdom for a pretty face!

“You don’t have a kingdom!  You got a cabin-on-a-rock!  And it’s a 50/50 one at that, you doofus!  And my half has the kitchen!  So watch it!  Now enough with the stalling.  Go’ on, now!”

“Right.  I’ll get on the chores just as soon as I finish making your tea, mem’ sahib.”

“Just a little milk…………..thanks.”



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