Image is everything (Andre Aggasi)

We have to get back outside working on all our projects.  The list just keeps growing by two for every one we check off and we haven’t checked off many lately.  It feels like we are slipping.  Chipping away at the to-do list is a chore that never ends but is, at the same time, pleasurable and satisfying so long as we can get a sense of progress.  And, if we keep at it, we do get that.  It’s good.

Somehow it seems to help if the sun is shining.  Better photo ops, for sure.

Today is Tuesday – a day after the no-lifting ban has been removed.  We are going to attack some logs to celebrate.  Then, after we have vanquished the pile at the beach, we are going to – maybe – start on railings for the deck.  Although, that might require first getting some lumber from up the coast.  Which can’t really happen (logically) until I re-launch my boat.  Which still has some work that needs to be done…..and, well………………maybe a little breakfast first, eh?  An extra cup of tea?

It won’t be hard to get going today.  It is gorgeous outside.  And I can see forever.  Still, our pace is basically pretty slow and we try to keep the work day to four or so hours of ‘real’ work.  The hard, physical stuff.  There is quite enough to do that is not ‘real hard’ work just keeping home and hearth together to fill the rest of the day quite nicely, thanks.

Yesterday, I hit a minor milestone.  I had finished sharpening the chain on my chainsaw and noticed that the teeth were all pretty skinny.  I had kept this chain working and sharpened for so long that I had managed to sharpen it down to the nubs.  But all the nubs were much the same.

The mark of a pro.

A good sharpener will have a worn chain that still has all the teeth much the same.  I usually over and under sharpen my chains so that I have to replace them earlier than I should.  That is the mark of an amateur.  Having all your chain-teeth worn and sharpened equally is a sign of growing skill.

Yeah, I know………..get your kudos where you can……

Before I sharpened the chain yesterday I had been down on the dock splicing some prawn trap lines.  Short-splicing, not long-splicing.  (Short splicing is when you attach two lines and the weave or splice is a double thickness.  Long splicing is when you taper the strands so that the splice is almost unnoticeable.)  They would both work in this application and the short splice is so much easier.  Still, it took a few hours.

And the lighting was good.

So there I am sitting all by myself on a dock in the middle of nowhere splicing lines like a scene from Herman Melville.  I’m sitting on a bucket.  In a plaid shirt.  Toque on my head.  Little ‘reader’ glasses perched on the end of my nose.  Dog at my feet. C’mon, does it get any more funky than that!?

Splicing and then later, sharpening my chainsaw……I mean……c’mon!!……‘where is National Geographic when you need ’em, eh?  Shouldn’t some indy with a handycam be drooling right now? 



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