They don’t call me Ishmael, they call me Mrs. Ahab

Blew like hell yesterday.  Gusts to 50.  Sal was working up at the post office and had gotten there that morning when it was pretty calm in her little 11 foot boat.  Things changed quickly after that.  By 3:00 pm (an hour before she was to leave for home) the seas were three feet high, choppy and the wind was howling.   I was concerned for her safety.

The phone rang.  It was the head postmistress.  “Did Sally go to work today?  I am concerned.  It is an awful day for a small boat.  I am going to send my husband to go get her!”  

“Well, that is very kind of you but if anyone goes to get her, it’ll be me.  And I am thinking of going myself.  Looks pretty rough out there.  My only real concern is that Sal thinks she is the captain of her own ship, the master of her own destiny and that she and her little boat are capable of facing up to force four hurricanes.  If I go out there, she’ll get mad at me.”

“I’ll send my husband.”

“Thanks for that but never mind.  I am going.  I’ll definitely get in trouble but I’ll get in more trouble if someone else’s husband goes.  The best outcome for me is that she flips into the sea and I arrive just in the nick of time to save her.  That would at least shut her up.  Anything short of that and it will be hell.”

“You are weird, you know that?”

I went.  Met Sal as she was just leaving the post office dock.  She glared at me.  We headed out into the teeth of it together.  Separate boats.  When we got home to our dock Sal reamed me out for over reacting.  But when I got home I received an e-mail from a neighbour watching the whole one-act drama from her window play out on the ocean in front of her. “Oooooh, it was sooooooooo nice to see you go out in the storm to get your sweetie!”

“Yeah.  Love that sweetie.”

Like Mrs. Ahab loved the captain of the Pequod…………


4 thoughts on “They don’t call me Ishmael, they call me Mrs. Ahab

  1. Yeah. And she wasn’t the only one. The postmistress and her husband showed up as we turned the corner to head home, too. My guess is that at least five people other than the ones I mentioned were worrying and concerned. All of them would have headed out if they had seen her falter. We’re all good that way – even the ones feudin’ with one another.


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