What? Me worry?

I’ve written a few blogs lately but not published them.  I didn’t like them enough.  Too depressing.

I am not depressed myself, mind you.  Not really.  I don’t think so, anyway.  If I am, I blame Al Gore.  I am pretty much done his book The Future and, to summarize it, there doesn’t seem to be one.  We are not heading for a hell-hole, we are already in one and in a state of free-fall.  The only bright spot is that we cannot yet see the bottom.  But it is coming up fast.  It is hard to write a fun blog about a more natural life when Al has described the currently running and accelerating apocalypse.

Seems mankind is both homicidal and suicidal.  Nature is pretty much dead.  And we are doomed.  Each of his books should come with a Cyanide pill attached to the jacket.


I won’t bore you with all the ways in which we are to suffer, mutate and die.  Suffice it to say that we’ll eat Monsanto, live by way of drugs and prosthetics and cook in the advancing deserts as we try to gun down the poor folks from the South. Oh yeah……and the rich will get richer (as if that matters a whit).

The problem with his doomsday vision is that the damn thing is so well researched and the prophesies (more like dire warnings) are so well written.  It is hard not believe what he has to say.  I told my neighbour (a lapsed Catholic) that I was going to join the church.

“What in God’s name for?”  (I don’t think he heard the irony in that question)

“Well, I used to think the church was stuck in the past, had a closed mind and lied to the masses.  I still think that but now that seems like a better route to follow.  According to Gore, the past is way better than now and way, way better than the future.  Seems opening our collective mind is akin to opening Pandora’s box – and it is ugly, dark and greedy in there.  And so I am thinking the lies about winged-cherubs and harp-playing in the clouds are better.  Where do I sign up?”

I am glad I have almost waded through Al’s tome of tombs.  I’ll take a bit of time to heal and then try to put it out of my mind.  Life by way of denial seems to work for a lot of people. I’m going to give that a try.  If he is wrong, I’ll be fine.  If he is right, the climate, nanobots, epidemics and snipers should take care of me in short order.  What’s to worry about?


7 thoughts on “What? Me worry?

  1. Well Alfred, you are correct it is time to pay the fiddler but I do not think you owe him a dime. In 1720 The South Sea Bubble occurred when a “… large number of joint-stock companies began making extravagant claims (sometimes fraudulent) about foreign or other ventures or bizarre schemes.”The Bubble deflated. In 2005, “… [t]he bursting of the U.S. housing bubble, which peaked in 2006 caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally.” Ba ba ba ba the sky is falling mewling puking spraying snot the end of the world as we know it. Not so! Not when Rome burned, Sparta fell or Wall Street Bankers were exposed for the umpteenth time as crooks too big to jail. What speculative stocks and stock buyers have to do with life around the average kitchen beats me. Convince me that Gore matters! He is so far up his butt he is gasping for truth. Gore the carbon billionaire said, “We are all going to die!” Yes we will die in the fullness of time but not at Al’s pace. What is your stake in all this? Why do you care about our pal Al?


    • Oooohh……’too big to jail.’ That is a good phrase. Wish I said it.
      It is not so much that I care about Al. I really care about me and my thinking. I think, therefor I am. Ergo, to continue on, I must continue to think. So, here’s what I think:
      Mankind is quick to judge, decide, react. It is human. First impressions and all that. Seems it was a carryover from primitive times like when deer and other small mammals ran at the drop of a hat. Fight or flight. Quick. Once we have ‘decided’, we humans are (because we are thinkers) inclined to then try to justify our decision. Weirdly, we act first and think second rather than the other way around. Again – probably because survival used to depend on it. Once someone has reacted and justified their position it is literally impossible to get them to open their mind to changing it. That is why Republicans remain Republicans and Democrats Democrats. We choose sides and stick with it. Some guys are GM fans. We got FoMoCo and Mopar fans, too. We got Yankees fans and Red Sox. They ain’t gonna change. The list of cast-in-stone positions goes on and on and on.
      But I think we have a moral obligation to re-think positions now and again. I am not saying one has to change but I am saying one has to review. And one has to review honestly or else there is no point in doing it.
      I also think it is mentally healthy. To do that, of course, one has to read. One has to read and consider. Even if that means re-considering some basics now and then. So – to that end – I read. A lot. Even Gore. I read stuff I don’t agree with. I read stuff I don’t understand. I read stuff whenever I get a feeling of ‘righteousness’ about something. I even read Sarah Palin! I’ve read Ayn Rand. MLK. Chomsky. Don’t misunderstand me – when I do that I don’t often change drastically. Sometimes not at all. But sometimes I do. And sometimes I change back a few years later. New information demands that kind of thinking, I think. Having ethics and morality does, too. To be ‘right’, you have to ‘hear the other side with an open mind’. At least once in awhile. Don’t you think? And, if you do that, it is inevitable that you will change your mind now and then, too. Right?


  2. Yup we all have got the flight or fight response in play to various degrees which is good in those situations that require reflexes, nano second reactions and heroic impulses which preserve our butts and the butts of others. Self preservation is vital as is the preservation of our fellow persons, fellow travelers on our existential paths. There are many books that have been written that purport to confer some special wisdom to the anointed (those confirmed or credentialed in some way) and thus confirmed portray ideologically their truth as ‘the way, the path’ but to what! I understand the value of such books as they promise the dialectic of certainty but also the detriment of such books if they happen to present the dialectic of Jim Jones. Shall we drink the purple kool aid? Oh my God we have unknowingly drunk the purple kool aid! I took the purple kool aid but I did not inhale! Or I hate purple kool aid! Purple kool aid incites all shades of reactions and senses of realities but all this questing for a path seems rather pointless because of its embedded assumption the need to change. What is change isn’t that really a synonym for novelty?


    • I suppose ‘change’ is a synonym for novelty but sometimes novelty is not just a new fad but an improvement. Education is change. Experience and confidence are change because they alter the previous status quo. Nothing right nor wrong with change. Yin and yang apply. I could change for the worse and develop a taste for Kool Aid and Jones. Or, for the better and learn new things. Questing for a path…..? I suppose so………but, I prefer to think of it as questing for options. I like to think there are choices out there and I am allowed to make ’em. In fact, that has been my path for so long, one might conclude that I have not strayed from the basic path one iota.


  3. The wheel of life turns and we go with it. This planet will go through many cycles, climatic, tectonic, cosmic. The life forms will change with the cycles. Humans are transitory beasts. Don’t worry about it. Avoid the stamping boots and enjoy your tiny gift of conciousness.


    • Well, we came to the same conclusion years ago. But I slip up. I listen to the news. I read. It would be easier on my health if I just cranked my head in a vice. I gotta stop trying to figure it out! Having said that, I have figured it out in a micro kinda way. I live in paradise with an angel and work on building decks and catching prawns. It doesn’t get any better.


      • I think you’re on the right track. Just keep that healthy skepticism about what the social engineers and the corporate media is trying to convince you to believe.


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