A breather, perhaps?

Wasabi on the grid waiting for the tide to go out…

Slowly the water recedes…

Settling on the Grid

Wasabi’s hot!  We finished her bottom yesterday and she is lookin’ good!

Afterwards, we entertained our neighbours at generally-pleased-with-everything hour on the new back deck. (I am a bit too old and jaded for a full-on Happy Hour, I am afraid.  It’s all the politics, don’t you know?)   Shirtsleeves.  Man, oh man.  It is still March and I had to use some sunscreen!

Painting the Undersides

I know climate change is not a good thing but right now the temperature is easy to live with.  We touched 70 degrees F yesterday.  March in Canada!?

But it is not all good.  I am not so sure it is official – the Dept. of Fisheries doesn’t report to us – but the prawns are gone!  It is like they were evicted.  Four months ago we had decent prawn counts, today no one is catching any.  And the commercial fishery hasn’t even started yet!  DFO should close the area but I doubt that they will.  They are way too slow off the mark.  On everything.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

The final touches…ready for the tide to come in

Now that the boulders are in place, we will soon get back to working on the studio.  But Sal’s not really keen.  Not yet, anyway.  “I need a day off!”   Which is fine by me.  When Sal takes a day off, she spends it working.  Just does other chores.  She’ll bake up a storm.  I may even get a pie!  Maybe she’ll do some sewing.  Catch up on paperwork.  Make a nice dinner.  I love it when she takes a day off!  When I work, I work like I was taking a day off and when I actually take a day off, I nap.  I won’t need much convincing on this ‘day-off’ idea.

Hmmm…………..maybe get some fresh-baked pie and tea-in-a-thermos and go for a ride in Wasabi…………..?




1 thought on “A breather, perhaps?

  1. A nice touch showing us photos, adds a little “glamour” to the Blog.
    Wasabi is probably well-named, especially as the owner is concerned with the wherewithal, however inspite of her beauty, she is still a boat, and undersides does not come into the vocabulary, please use plain and simple BOTTOM.See you all soon no doubt.


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