I am not as sane as I seem…it seems

Aaaaah.………my daily soapbox………….“So, what’s happenin’, Dave?”

Nothin’ much.  Ran out of wood.  Going to get some more today.  May have also managed to purchase some doors for the studio on Craigslist.  Can’t pick ’em up til next week, tho.  So, I started in on the winter wood-getting in the meantime.  Things are rolling along.  It’s all good.

But I am trying for deeper thoughts and well, coming up a bit short…………

Is there a deep thought about the BC election?  I don’t think so.  The incumbent is an airhead, a disingenuous, self-centred imbecile who talks and acts like Sarah Palin without the sex appeal.  Our slated-to-win guy is a wishy-washy doormat who only has to remain silent to win and he can’t seem to do that.  Our only real leadership-charisma-type contender is as old as Methuselah and attracts neo-Nazis and pervs to his camp.  And my personal favourite can’t seem to punch her weight class.  Sort of the Tinkerbelle of politicians.


I don’t see a worthy out there.

Where is a good Hun when you need one, eh?

I am intrigued by the social media phenomena, tho.  Seems only 2 billion of us are currently connected.  Basically, the first world.  The remaining 5 billion are slowly coming on stream and then the world will be able to be person-to-person connected.  Experts predict a major sea change in the world at a certain point.  Institutions, governments, economies will change even more so than they have already.  We are still in the first decade of the new Digital Age.

The revolution, it seems, is happening after all.  Just didn’t see it happening this way.  Ones and zeros!  Ooohh…..wheeee!

Or is it?  With this kind of world-changing technology comes revolution to be sure, but it also seems to bring homogenization.  We may become closer but also more the same.  Are we revolting against our cultures and institutions just to embrace a new social construct of sameness?  And a great dumbing down?  Will we replace what passes for different national cultures for the universality of celebrity and the flash-moment or ADHD of thinking?

Kinda looks that way, don’t you think?

I am also feeling like another shoe is about to drop.  I can’t explain it…..not really………..just feels like another big WORLD SCALE shock is about to happen………….call me paranoid.  I had an inkling about the crash of 2008.  That one was not so much predictable in it’s precise timing as simply inevitable.  It was obvious, really.  You could see the economy getting out of whack from about 2003/4 on.  At least I thought I could.

But this next one is much more intuitive……..can’t place it…………can’t describe………just a feeling………….ya know?

Well, there have been four or more years of quantitative easing that has not yet manifested (officially) as inflation and that doesn’t make sense.  And then there was the huge drop in Gold right out of the blue……………that doesn’t make much sense unless……there are countries on the brink and they have reserves they may dump but……………….that would be trackable.  And it wasn’t.

And then there are countries who seem to have an investment in freedom and liberal social structures going all jack-boot on us like Harper and the US, Britain and France.  Cut social programs and clamp down on freedoms seems to be the rage.  Free societies are getting less free.  That seems to be a popular but weird turn of events.

I guess what I am saying is that weird change is in the air and I feel it.  But I don’t know where to look for more details.

Could it be that the two or three seemingly unrelated concepts described above are truly, deeply connected?  The accelerating ‘connectivity’ of the masses and the increasing clamping down of the governments led by increasingly incompetent so-called leaders that we don’t respect any more?  Is this the invisible pressure I feel?

Or is it just the running out of wood when I did?  I do have a tendency of taking small personal experiences and trying to extrapolate universal lessons from them.  It’s a bit whacked.



6 thoughts on “I am not as sane as I seem…it seems

  1. Your vague feelings are correct it is a nihilistic narcissistic materialistic Ayn Rand type world. Your sense of foreboding is justified as greed stalks the earth and the ‘have nots’ are on the move. Rand writes, “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue.” Thus those without money must be …!


  2. …..without virtue. And, with my being poor in money and lacking any substantial virtue, I guess she was right. Do I get more depraved as I become more deprived? Could be something to look forward to….? One thing is for sure: as Kris wrote and Janis sang, “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” And when you are free and have nothing – not even virtue, you start to roam. You move. You seek out new horizons, opportunities and people to plunder. The poor are getting freer and soon they may get fiercer. Look out!


  3. I appreciate that you are your own man and actually have an opinion where as there are so many that don’t. Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks, RH. Opinions I have in abundance. And I am always willing to share ’em. My cup runneth over, so to speak. But I am not my own man. Sal has me. 100%. I am currently and have been for 44 years wrapped around her little finger.


  4. But Rand is wrong! However her views do highlight what is happening in the world where the gap between rich and poor grows wider everyday but the Rand’s of the do not care. The world might be going to hell in a basket but not where you are. ‘Keep your pecker up’ as the English say.(usage here is the English pecker, i.e. nose or mouth)


    • As I get older I have noticed that all my peckers are drooping. I will endeavour, however, to keep them up as best I can.


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