To be or not to be…busy? An easy answer……

Sal goes postal today.  But the weather is good and I have plenty to do by myself.  And it is a beautiful day.

But not for working hard.  Not today.  For the most part, we try to work together whenever there is some kind of potential danger such as when falling trees or even working with heavy and awkward stuff.  It’s safer.  Sal keeps the first aid kit close by.  Without Sal nearby with the bandages, I stick to the lesser challenges these days.

Plenty of guys work alone falling or blasting or building or fishing or whatever and I respect that.  But I am simply not experienced enough in that kind of work or even confident enough in my own abilities to push it anymore.

Well, better put: I am experienced enough at pushing it and I have plenty of scars reminding me not to do so anymore.

Today will be filled with the small, leave-it-to-when-Sal-isn’t-here list of chores.  I started with the dishes.  Maybe change the oil in the genset.  Then I may go add some trim to something.  You know, basically just putz?

I mention this because these are the best days of all.  Well, the very best days of all are when Sal is here and we are both just putzing at things together.  Even if we are working on separate things, it is all good.  But second best is when I am just putzing around on small, easy things that are unlikely to inflict bodily harm. I sometimes even do something artsy.  And I sit a lot, looking out at the sea.  Watching stuff.  So much easier on the back.  And there is no blood loss to speak of.  Usually.

Mind you, I have been in shorts for the last few weeks and the ‘shorts’ season is also the season of blood.  One tends to forget that old skin tears more easily and the nerve endings have also been somewhat dulled with age.  Typically, at the end of the day, I walk back home from some chore with blood-covered legs and red streaks on all my clothes.  Colourful, to say the least.  But it is only surface scrapes.  Doesn’t mean anything.  Sal used to shriek but now she is used to it.  The first aid kit is not wasted on small cuts and scrapes.

No, today is just a good day to be.  And so I am off and being.  See ya.


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