NDP 59. Libs 25. No Greens. No Cons. Only Vicki H as an independent

The above title refers to the election we are enduring in our province that ends tomorrow night.  That is my prediction.  And I have never been right in an election call ever.  Hard to believe.  But I have a perfect record of being wrong.  So, take the title and content of this blog with salt and, if you are so inclined, a glass of scotch.

I also think Christy Clark (our current ditzy premier) will lose her seat. PLEASE!  If there is a God!

Reading and listening to the poli-speak for the last few months (and before, actually.  I have a weakness for this crap) I am inclined to believe that the numbers estimated don’t really mean much.  So what if they (the victors) win by 20 seats or two?  In our system of democracy (fatuous nonsense and lies) if you win by one seat, you rule like a tyrant.  So the actual amount of the majority is less important than simply having one.   And I think folks know that.

One’s vote is diluted or ‘stepped on’ in so many ways by our system.  Deep down that is likely the single greatest reason that people do not vote.

Well, that and the fact that each government seems to be like the last.  We are always voting in the clones or the clowns, it seems.

I also don’t think it matters a whit what they say when they are campaigning (they being politicians).  Politicians all lie.  But few electors realize that they  have to.  Well, they want to, as well.  They belong to a party and they all believe a party has to speak as one.  Ergo, the majority are not speaking their own truth, let alone the elector’s truth.  Fuggedabout the real truth.  So, they lie.  You know, to show a united front?

Most gangs and thugs operate like that.

Whatever the excuse – they lie!  From the get-go.  And then from then on in.

So, if their lying-all-the-time is a given, why vote for anyone?  (Doesn’t that just encourage the bastards?)  Answer: we do not know what else to do.

Neither do I.

So, I rant now and then.  Call me crazy.  I have kept it to a minimum this time.  Give me that!

Still, I would like to offer up a radical alternative to the current status quo.  Whoever gets in passes a law that makes political lying illegal punishable by removal from office.  ANY lie.  If you tell the reporter you had a burger for lunch when, in fact, you had a BLT?  GONE!  And I mean gone from the building.  Back home you go.  Tail between legs.  Never allowed back.  Ever.  Boy would that re-incent the media to ‘dig’ and do investigative journalism.

Yes, I know it would never work.  For one thing that would mean we would have vast empty government buildings a lot of the time, wouldn’t it?

11 thoughts on “NDP 59. Libs 25. No Greens. No Cons. Only Vicki H as an independent

  1. If they were being brutally honest, they would just ask the voters to help them and their buddies to get really great jobs with an awesome pension, and just skip the the whole pandering thing.


    • They get all that by being brutally crooked. What I don’t get is the lack of vision, ethics, morality and honesty we all hope for from our reps. Admittedly, much of that is out of fashion these days and greed is God, but many of these poli-people ‘projected’ those attributes – enough to gather followers and garner votes anyway. So, what happens to it? Are they just overwhelmed by the numbers? Afraid to speak out? Too timid to challenge? What!?


    • They claim CC appears and acts more leader-like than Dix. And I agree with them. She does. But she has the benefit of walking in the premier’s shoes, she has been Miss Personality/Bubbles/Cheerleader all her life and even Kinsella (her aid) stated that she is primarily an actress who will say or do anything. The Fed Libs went all Justin Trudeau on us for the same reason CC gets the Province’s endorsement. Pretty face. Methinks their having an empty head didn’t hurt either of them at all.


  2. CC “You want answers?”
    Dave ” I think I’m entitled to them.”
    CC ” You want answers?”
    Dave ” I want the truth!
    CC ” You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has socialists. And those Socialist have to be guarded against by businessmen with deep pockets and the will to crush social programmes. Who’s gonna do it? Some social worker teacher type with a social conscience? I mock those puerile, sniveling, pukes that would end child poverty and invest in education and health care. Corporations are people too and deserve the largest piece of the pie.


    • Well, you make a good point. We do have to crush stuff. May as well start with the puerile, sniveling pukes, I guess. Do I have to take a number?


  3. You’ve kept your perfect record intact.

    For the record….I had the Canucks losing in four. Dan had them losing in five. I won.


    • Always being wrong! Weirdly dependable, tho. One could make bear-ish bets on it, I suppose. But it is small consolation. Know of any cheap flights to New Zealand? An immigration lawyer there? Is stupidity contagious or have I already been infected?


  4. You had the answer to that on the May 14th. Too many voters have thought processes that are a mile wide and half an inch deep.


    • I’m still drowning in it, tho. Hard to draw a breath without feeling pain. Very,very, very bleak outcome. I truly thought I was stronger than this. But, I am not. I am stunned practically into the fetal position. What next? Sarah Palin as president?


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