Marketing Canadian style

The last time (about six years ago) I checked, prawns were selling for around $7.00 to $10.00 a pound.  And two pounds of prawns was a meal (along with other things) for a party of four.  Not today.  Today, prawns are selling for $25.00 a pound!  And offering up $50.00 worth of prawns for just a portion of a meal is a bit steep.

The reasons for this leap in prawns value are multiple.  Prawn fishing is petro-consuming work and there are fewer prawns.  Supply and demand on fuel and prawns.  Basic economics.

Plus, of course, we don’t manage the prawn fishery.  It is one of those fisheries that is simply plundered until it is no more.  Our government has pretty much abandoned many of the fisheries and, if they are not managed by the fishermen themselves, the usual outcome is fishing out the stock until it is non-economic.  And that is what is happening here.

‘Course the rise in price of prawns will be interpreted by government as ‘growing the economy’.

Some fisheries, however, are ‘managed’ by the different associations involved in the harvesting.  Oysters, Geoduck, Sablefish and, to some extent, salmon just to name a few.  And, while the associations themselves are not much on the production side (no one builds hatcheries, etc.) they are pretty good on limiting the harvest to sustainable amounts.  But, bear in mind: this kind of self-imposed discipline comes from the associations, not DFO.

DFO stands idly by doing nothing.  More useless than the senate.  And more expensive.  They are a complete waste of money, time and, in fact, are an exacerbating factor in preservation, conservation and reconstitution.  They should be abolished.

And they will be.  The Federal government continues to slash the DFO budget and, despite many of the staff wanting to do their work and wanting to do the right thing, they are not allowed to.  We have a government policy to kill this natural resource.  This is the same government that is intent on selling tar-sludge and destroying the immediate environment around the tar sands.

This is what they call job creation.

I have come to learn that many people will do a lot of things that are very wrong but many of them sincerely believe in their actions at the time.  They just believe in different things.  In Harper’s case, he is a devout convert to ‘corporatism’ and BIG OIL.  So, basically, he and I just have a difference of opinion.  He thinks Canada gains from his point of view.  I think Canada suffers.

But how can anyone think that the DFO is doing anything good?  Even a rabid sell-out like Harper loses when supporting a huge, inneffective bureaucracy.  He only has to look at the senate debacle to get a glimpse of that.  So, what is the point of keeping thousands of bureaucrats doing nothing in Ottawa while the resources they are supposed to manage die?

OK.  That rant is over.  But, of course, I have a dozen more.  Who doesn’t?  But one other is kinda fun…..Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto.  This is American style politics, this is.  Think Marion Barry.  This is Congressman Weiner sending pictures of himself in just his underwear to internet-met women.  This is muck-raking gossip of the most fascinating kind.  Not only is Ford accused of smoking crack but the two guys who he was video’d with were later shot.  This is not a Jack Nicolson, Matt Damon movie, this is a Tim Robbins, Dan Ackroyd, Mike Meyers movie. It is evil but also darkly amusing.

Christy Clark announced that BC is not happy with the ‘conditions’ she set for the Enbridge sludge pipeline project.  Ergo, NO GO.  BC will not approve.  Not yet, anyway.  “Game is still on, tho.  The fat lady has not yet begun to sing! Keep trying.  We believe in due process.”

Translation: “Like our prawns, the price for selling out our coastline just went up!”


3 thoughts on “Marketing Canadian style

  1. We saw it on the East Coast with the cod fishery but worry not my friend once the Arctic is ice free in the fishing season so goes the arctic cod too. Our dept of fisheries friends know nothing about the life cycle of the prawn so they will do nothing to sustain it. Any way the prawn are being cultivated on land in cesspits to enhance its flavour. Yum! Hope you are developing a taste for jellyfish as soon they will be all that is available. Or soylent green. Or you might become a breatharian.


  2. Fricasee de politician sounds good. Should be a recipe in the Soylent Green Cookbook. Hmmmmm….there’s a blog theme, for ya. Yeah, doncha just love those land-cultivated, septic pond shrimps from Asia? And you should see the oyster beds of Hong Kong!


  3. Actually Dave, I now quickly dispose of the Globe & Mail weekly section on Toronto Restaurants/Cooking because it seems that there is at least one article on BC “spot” prawns and how The Centre of the Universe has recently discovered them. And hey, write the various food columnists, they’re so reasonable. Proof? Some restaurants will let you have a taste of 4 or 5 for only $12 !!

    And you wonder why the prices are going up.


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