In whom we trust

It is very quiet out here on the Western Front.  Weird.  The prawn boats left because the prawns never showed and this time of the year is usually busy with boats and planes going about the fishery.  The boats were here, of course, but not for long.

“Nothing from nothing leaves nothing”, after all (Billy Preston).

And DFO does nothing very well.  Bear in mind that DFO was alerted to the absence of the prawns two months before they opened the season.  Actual quote from DFO official: “Well, if there are no prawns then the fishermen will soon determine that and leave.”    

Such is DFO prawn fishery management.  I think they call it the Atlantic Cod Directive. 

We do seem to be getting a lot of government traffic, tho.  Had the usual ‘Sounds of Freedom’ jet fighters fly back and forth a few times.  Methinks it is a shift change from Alaska to Seattle, but I don’t really know.  I just don’t think Canada has any functioning jet fighters.  Musical Rides with horses and Dancing Snowbirds, yes.  Fighters?  No.

We do have some submarines that are high and dry tho.  They are on the hard because they’ll sink if they are put in water.  And not come up.

We also had helicopters, a few coast guard cutters and even a police boat last week.  It is rare that a police boat shows up.  They don’t know how to navigate.  If they show up here, they are lost.  And, if you call them, they don’t show up ’cause they got lost somewhere else.

The following is a true dialogue with a lost policeman out in a magnificently equipped boat while he was also hugely kitted out – basically barely able to move for all the crap he had on plus life-saving gear – on a hot August day a few years back: While sweat was pouring from his face, “This Estoban Bay?”

“No.  Estoban Bay is on the other side of the island.  You are on the west side.  They are on the east.  Where ya headed?”

“Got a distress call from Estoban Resort.”

“Which one?”

“Which one?”

“There are two resorts of the same name.  Same company.  One is in Estoban Bay, the other is on another island.  But it is closer”.

“Can you point me in that direction?”

Imagine the number of trained and experienced police officers assigned to the Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin case regarding their $300,000 (each) a year senate expenditures on just travel expenses (while residing in Ottawa) and how long it will take those professionals to file charges – if they ever do.  Then imagine the least experienced, least connected and likely dumbest young cop they have on the roster posted to some rural outback like ours.  Give that doofus a gun, a boat and a road map.  Send him out to sea.

If he ever comes back, put him on the BC Rail case.

The mayor of Toronto was allegedly caught on video smoking crack with two drug dealers.  One of them secretly taped the episode, then offered the tape to the media for $200,000.  A week or so later, one of them was shot and killed.  Tape seems to have disappeared.

Meanwhile the dance band on the Titanic plays on………..


3 thoughts on “In whom we trust

  1. The despoilers are in power. Their values appear to be to foster self-enrichment, to feed their paranoia, to plunder, to disdain the poor, to be egotistical, to be selfish and to have no sense of a common community purpose. It all about the despoilers. Their retainers will be passing though your community whips so have your tribute ready. O’ Canada!


  2. Political and bureaucratic corruption is nothing new, and not Party specific for that matter. There’s all those bottomless pits of other peoples cash to plunder. As for the rest of us, we’re on our own with whatever we are allowed to keep by our Over Lords.

    BTW, there are probably CF-18’s at Comox.


    • Yeah……………overlords………….what a term for dirty rotten scoundrels, eh? Oh well, part of the appeal of being poor (in financial matters) is that you are not on anyone’s radar. Too lean for any kind of wolf’s dinner. They will go after fatter cats given any choice and the really fat ones are all in one place – you can find them by postal code – they are in the city.

      Rumour had it that Comox Air had shut down. Maybe not. Could be, I suppose.


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