Existential conundrum answered

I am not really a hobby kind of guy.  Hobbies generally bore me.  I like ’em fine until I get relatively proficient at whichever one I am doing, then I plateau and soon get bored.  Then I have a bunch of crap to deal with, not to mention two or three half-completed bronze castings or whatever.  I’m just too undisciplined to hobby properly.

Plus I still harbour visions of grandeur on some kind of public or even world  scale and hobbies are counter-intuitive to that, really, don’t you think?  Think Bill Gates or Putin have hobbies?  Think Obama ties flies or makes his own beer?

So you can imagine my surprise as I contemplate my current activities…!  They are hobbies!  Even the slow-to-come workshop disguised as a studio is really just me indulging my hobby-builder thing.

I mean, I do need a studio-cum-workshop but I really could have used it before we built the house and now it is more like ’rounding out the empire’ than a really pressing need.

Well, Sal wants to see less of me so she really feels the need for it.  But I’m good.

I’ve done a bit of rustic furniture-making lately and that’s been kinda good.  But I see a plateau somewhere up ahead on all this rustic business.  Only so many rustic end tables needed in the world, eh?  Like a half a dozen?  Maybe?

And I have got a few other goofy ‘hobby-like’ things going on…..too embarrassing to admit to.…….but, I do.  Doing hobby crap is starting to be the default, go-to place for me.  How weird is that?  (Maybe I am trying to wean myself off Off the Grid?  Dunno.  Just kinda riding the horse in the direction in which it is going, ya know?)

So, anyway, how do I reconcile having a hobby (or two) when I have so much real work to do?  On the face of it, it seems ridiculous.  I only have so much energy and I am already limited by so little skill……I really should apply those minuscule resources to where they would do the most good!  Right?

Wrong.  Doing the work that needs to be done is usually a smidge on the dangerous or difficult side and that kind of stuff should be done with Sally.  I think.  Other guys chop down trees and build cabins and stuff alone but not me.  I do that kind of work with Sal.  I don’t really need her for most of it, I guess, but I like the company, the work goes quicker and she is a huge assistance.  I actually enjoy working with Sal.

Mind you, we only work for four hours at a go because she isn’t as pleased with working with me as I am working with her.  And I understand that.  I tend to get focused and a smidge irritated when things don’t go right and, of course, we are amateurs at everything we do so nothing ever goes right.  Not the first time, anyway.  By the time it is going right, we are done with that job.

But it is definitely safer working with a partner.  Ergo, when she is off doing a Sally thing, I am left alone surrounded by way too many sharp tools and so, discretion being the better part of my labour, I tend towards doing a safe hobby instead of the bigger more lethal job.  And, as Sal has been pretty busy lately with a lot of outside activities, my hobbying has been on the rise.

If Sal stays away much longer, we’ll be tripping over rustic.

God, I am weird at times!





2 thoughts on “Existential conundrum answered

  1. Ideally it’s all about passion. My doctor is 24/7 a physician just as you all about being off the grid. His vocation, his avocation are all physician all of the time.
    Dave I’ve known you for a while and you are not a hobbyist any more than Graham Bell was a hobbyist. Typically a hobby is an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation. I see you more as 24/7 girding your loins as the next challenge emerges.


  2. Well, I am glad my PR people are doing their job! But you are too kind. I ungird and relax my loins for the nightime hours at the very least. You should see ém…all relaxed and thankful for the airing….
    Girding the damn things is a habit I am trying to break. But, like, who wants loose loins all over the place, eh? Still, thanks for the compliment. Me and Graham Bell…………..? Me and Tinkerbell, perhaps.


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