Sally sees a whale

Sal was returning home from the Post office yesterday when a humpback whale rose near her small boat.  It blew, it rolled and it dove.  Sal was gobsmacked.

Sal’s boat is 11 feet long maybe a bit over 4 feet wide.  It has a six to eight inch freeboard.  For me, it is just a small step up from a surfboard but for the featherweight that is my wife, it is simply ‘sporty’.  Like a Miata.  She thinks it is perfect.  She stopped the engine and watched.

And she called me on her walkie-talkie.

The whale ‘humped’ near her and dove under her boat.  She was describing it’s actions but stopped (as usual) in mid-sentence as it passed beneath her.

“Sal?  Sal?  You there?  You OK?  Sal?”


“What?  WHAT?!!  YOU OK!!??”

My wife (bless her little heart) is of the opinion that phones, walkie-talkies and cell-phones are intrusions on real life experience.  If she is busy having a real life experience, the communication device is forgotten.  Completely.  That is to say, IF she has it turned on at all – a less than fifty-fifty likelihood.

So, I got nothing.


Not even static.

I went for the binoculars.  Couldn’t see her.


Basically whales are pretty benign creatures, Moby Dick notwithstanding.  I wasn’t really afraid for her.  But then again, it was a whale.  And Sal is a feather.  In a teacup!  And she was NOT answering her walkie-talkie.

“Sal?  Sal?  You there?”

“……………………………………………………………………………………Oh yeah.  Just on my way home.  See you in a few minutes.  Just gonna hang out here for a bit and watch the whale.  No worries…………..” 


5 thoughts on “Sally sees a whale

  1. Got a whale of a tale to tell ya, lads
    A whale of a tale or two

    A whale of a tale and it’s all true
    I swear by my tattoo

    What sort of whale was it? Was it a Right whale?


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