Three walls up.  Lookin’ good!  But I am downing tools for the next three weeks.  Probably…mostly….maybe.

Daughter and her bethroed are here.  We are all getting ready for an influx of more summer guests.  Some from China.  Some from BC.  Some from Ontario and Quebec.  Makin’ food.  Temporary beds.  Tents.  It is like Able company on a mission, here.  Logistics up the ying yang.  Calendar booked for the foreseeable future.

“Geez, Dave, do you like that kind of thing?”

No.  Not really.  But waddya gonna do?  People plan to travel in the better weather and that time is now.  And some are coming here.  A lot of the people around here are surprised at their seasonal popularity but it is quite reasonable, really.  Just the traveling-in-the-daylight makes it all so much easier.  And it is a beautiful part of the world.  We will be inundated.

Fortunately, I like the people.  It is the logistical madness that daunts my enthusiasm.

You see, life out here still has to carry on as well.  We have some civic duties to perform, house and garden to keep up, projects at the half-done stage and, of course, all the things that you don’t even think about that seem to pop up every day.

(I keep thinking of maybe slipping away and taking a holiday.  Maybe.)

Sal wouldn’t authorize that!  As it is, she is worked off her feet.  My jobs are mostly to fill in where she needs me.  And the more people there are the more she needs me.  I am usually pretty busy catching the second half of the chore she just started so that a guest can be attended to.  Or fetching something because it easier to get it than describe how to get it.  Or do it because it easier to do than explain.  That kind of thing.

I have never really had a conventional lifestyle.  Everything has been a bit off the grid in a cultural, home, family-life kind of way.  Even work, when I think about it.  But the cul de sac was pretty conventional and this place in the summer is kinda ‘Norman Rockwell-ish’, too.  We don’t do inner-tubes behind boats on the lake but there is a lot of stuff that would seem familiar to the camping, summertime crowd.  We do summer in a manner that Norm Rockwell would not only approve but likely sketch and maybe paint.  We look normal in the summer.

It’s weird.

But, I have to close now.  Sal is calling.  Needs help with something.  And she knows where I am!      


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