You’d think I’d have a lot to say – what with all the guests and all?

But I don’t.

The days fly by.  The folks come and go.  The work-around-the-house has virtually stopped.  It’s a holiday.  Kinda.  Whether you want one or not.

Face it, this is not the kind of life one needs a holiday from.

Still, it is all very nice in a lethargic kinda way.

Well, we are busy when we have guests so it is not really lethargic in that sense.  Cooking, cleaning, shopping-when-you-can and just plain ‘visiting’ takes a lot of time.  And energy.  It is just somewhat unconstructive and, for some reason, I have got construction in my head.  It is a phase, I guess.  The terrible twos, the frightening fours, the tumultuous teens and the still-sexy-but-constructive sixties, eh?

It will pass.

I enjoyed G, Sal’s father’s sailing buddy.  He and I worked well together.  We didn’t do much and what we did wasn’t right but we whiled away a few hours in a pleasant carpenter-kinda way.  It was good.  And, more to the point, we were still talking to one another after a day of working together!!

It is so much different working with men than my wife.  You’d think they were a different species.  And she works well with other women!!??  So, the old from-Mars and from-Venus thing is still strong after all these years!  Mind you, Sal and I ‘patch things up’ quickly and patching is kind of a fun way to while away a bit of time so I am not complaining.  Just sayin’….

Probably said too much…….she does ‘edit’ this stuff, ya know.

Oh well, I am in the mood for a little patching.

2 thoughts on “Patching

  1. Well, you have a point. Amazing Mother Nature tends to be ‘accepted and expected’. And that is wrong. Mea culpa. We do get all excited and watch keenly when the curtain rises but, I admit, that I tend to sometimes forget the magic soon after. My excuse? I have so much to do! We are busy! Sheeeesh, we are busy. The summer time is a whirlwind of guests, provisioning, getting fair-weather projects completed and a myraid other things. We take time out for the whales. And other ‘magic moments’ but, usually, it is ‘let’s get on with it’. Thank God we don’t have roses or I’d have to stop and smell ’em.


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