We’ve been here almost ten years.  Feels like one.  Maybe two.  It’s probably because it is all still so new and we still have so much to do.  So much to learn.  It is also because, as we get older, time seems to go by a lot faster.  The days seem to be a blur.  Whatever the reason, it does not feel stale yet – no boredom, no itch to scratch.  I am strangely satisfied.

That is weird.

‘Course, this summer was and still is a whirlwind.  Sal figures we have had something like 13 uncommitted days to ourselves since May.  The rest were booked with guests or restocking trips or the odd appointment in town.  Maybe there is no itch because we have been too busy to notice one.  But I don’t think so.  I think we are happy.  Maybe even content.

I’ll get back to you on that.

I can say that on each of those thirteen days and not just a few of the busy ones we have remarked to each other, “Well, it just doesn’t get any better, does it?”

So why have I been thinking of RVs again?

Because, I have.  I can’t deny it.  There may not be an itch to scratch but there is the hint of one……….it is the hint of a future itch that might need scratching by the time winter comes.  Maybe.  I dunno.  Just sayin’.   Thinkin’ of south.  Arizona.  Trade in our dogs for little blue poodles and get us some Tilley hats.  You know?

Seriously.  This is good.  And we are happy.  And that will not likely change for some time.  But the original plan – such as it was – had us going south once in awhile and last year we did not.  I think this year we will.  There is something about going south for the winter that is not in itself so great as it is the coming back in the spring that seems so good.  Almost like leaving makes the heart grow fonder.  I do know that south never feels so good as north does when I come home.

God, some people are weird, aren’t they?

3 thoughts on “…thinkin’……

    • Been there. Done that. Had sailboat for almost 12 years. Lovely. Fun. But ‘boats’ are now transport and, sadly, not as romantic as before. Mind you, so are RVs……


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