Sisterhood, neighbourhood, chopping wood and it is all good

Sal’s sister, M, is here for a few days.  She’s good.  Funny, too.  She is a lot like Sal and, consequently, up for anything.  And with a smile to boot.  Climb a mountain, work on the roof of the shed, cook, clean, play with the dogs…..M is in like a dirty shirt on all things.  With gusto.   Some kind of family gene, I guess.  They all seem to have it.  Fatigue is not part of the equation until five seconds before they conk out.  Then they sleep like babies til the next day when they crank it up, go like a train with a great attitude and move mountains in the process.  I wish I could bottle this stuff.

Mind you, there are quirks.  Plenty of quirks.  And, interestingly, they each have their own unique set of quirks.  M is a garage-saler.  Every Saturday she and her ‘group’ go to local garage sales and ‘collect’.  ‘Course, after awhile, they are practically knee deep in extra junk but then they – what else!? – hold a garage sale!  To M, there is an obvious logic to all that.

I can’t list Sal’s quirks.  I am sure you understand.

I guess if I had to boil it all down, it is the family attitude.  Life is attitude and attitude is everything.  They have great attitudes and therefore have great lives.  It is a delight to see.  It is even better to be the recipient of all that great attitude.  When M comes, she brings scotch and salmon and a willingness to help on projects.  And she fits right in.  Doesn’t get any better than that.  Plus she and her sister gab all the time.  I like that.  Don’t ask me why.  A quirk of my own, I guess.  But I like it that they get along so well.  It’s good.

M might be our last guest this season.  Nice to end on a high note.  Might get a couple of Wférs.  Might not.  And, if the Wférs come, we will share them with neighbours.  And, anyway, Wférs are guests but they are not the same kinda guests as we have had throughout this summer.  Usually in their early 20’s and from foreign countries, Wférs aren’t friends or family (altho some have turned out like that!), they are guest-workers.  They help chop wood and that sort of thing.  They, too, are good as a rule but they are not like friends and family.  I am sure you understand.  M is our last real guest.

Progress is slow on the studio, of course.  But there is progress.  That is good.    Weather is lovely.  All the locals hammering and sawing and up for their projects.  Dinner parties (potluck) every week at the very least.  Dogs are happy.  Trips to town minimized.

Tís a good time of the year.

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