I know nothing! (Sgt. Schultz)

‘We’re roof ready.  Rafters, plywood, strapping, collar ties, nailers – we’re ready to sheath and clad!  We’re ready to insulate and finish!  This is a good thing ’cause summer is officially over.  That means we have to think of ‘finishing up’ before the weather turns.  Lock ér up, crew, gotta get ér done!’

Sal is my crew.

She thinks I am hers.

Actually that is all just construction talk, anyway.  Builder-guys say stuff like that.  “Get ‘er done”, “roof-ready”, “weather turns”.  Truth is there is plenty of time.  And we work slow anyway.  It gets done when it gets done.  And, even though we do have winter weather, we can work in it.  It’s just cool.  It is not Fort McMurray.  We are more Palm Springs than Yellowknife.  Nothing to complain about.

Plus, the whole structure is only 12 x 16.  It ain’t BC Place we are a’buildin’ out here.

As described earlier, we have built this thing like a bunker.  It has the material content of a place twice the size.  Really.  I could have made this workshop 24 x 16, used much the same amount of material and it would still be better built than the stuff of the leaky condo era.  Only a shipping container or a concrete building is stronger.  I think we could withstand a hit from a 747 and last longer than the world trade towers did.

Mind you, no governments were involved. 

Anyway, this is an end-of-summer update.  End-of-summer is not marked by dates or length of sunny days out here, it is marked by boat traffic and, like many ‘attractive areas,’ the decline in tourist traffic.  Our tourists come by pleasure boat and kayak.  I guess whale watching boats are a third way but they come and go and hardly stop moving in the process so they are a class unto themselves.  Laser-bursts of tourists.  But all forms are basically over.  Traffic is light these days and almost all local.  By the end of the month we will know everyone who goes by and we will know them simply by the sound of their motor.  Local knowledge is knowing the sound of a Yamaha 30 on a twenty foot boat and a Honda 50 on a 17 foot boat.

It has been a lean year for fauna.  Only a few eagles hung out near the house and none of them roosted in our big, dead, looming eagle-tree.  Not this year.  Even the ravens had a lesser presence and we think they only fledged one young ún this year.  Some years they have had four!

Prawns were all but obliterated this year, too.  Gone.  We told DFO (Dept. of Fisheries) but they didn’t care.  They opened the area to the commercial fishery despite our sample fishery directly reporting massive absence to them.  “Oh, well, don’t worry.  If the commerical guys don’t find prawns, they will just move on.” That was the official line from the DFO office.  The commercial guys came, complained about the poor catch but vacuumed up everything they could to justify having traveled and left the area devastated.

I wonder what we pay the staff at DFO for, actually?  Anyone have the faintest idea?

Still, we had a good year for dolphins and Orcas.  Not many sea lions.  Fewer seals.  And we had no mink or otter sightings whatsoever.  But that could be us.  Even tho we still marvel at the little critters, the operative word is little (and sneaky) and we are getting kinda used to it all now.  Don’t see ’em.  We’ve been here almost a decade.  One tends not to notice so much anymore, ya know?  Well, it’s theory, anyway.

I guess what I am trying say is that the seasons and the circumstances are changing and this may be just another minor, seasonal-type change or it could be a harbinger of something bigger.  I dunno.  But I do notice the changes.  The odd thing is that I do not notice the calendar hardly at all.  Rarely have a clue as to the day of the week.  Never seem to know the date.  I let the boat traffic tell me what I need to know.

However, I think I am definitely not on any Need-to-Know hierarchy.  Which is a good thing ’cause it means I don’t really need to know anything.  And I can do that.  Rather well, if I do say so.

2 thoughts on “I know nothing! (Sgt. Schultz)

  1. I think I just had an ‘aha!’ moment. You mentioned prawns being pretty much non-exisent in your area this year, but the commercial guys came and ‘vacuumed up everything they could’ anyway. Well, unless things have changed drastically over the past couple of decades, commercial fishermen rarely drop their traps anywhere below Area 12, so your secret has been exposed. 😉

    It’s alarming to hear that it’s more than just prawns that are disappearing on our coast, though. And with all the cutbacks to anything environmental, I fear for the future of B.C. The DFO and WildsafeBC are a useless waste of our tax dollars, and that’s a huge understatement.

    ‘Breaking news’ on the CBC tonight tells us that the Harper gang are going to be riding into town next week, armed with whatever they can steal from Big Oil, and they don’t plan to leave until they’ve beaten us into submission…….like that’s going to happen!

    So fasten your seat belts, everyone; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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