Extension of self

“Southeast 30 and gusting to 35 in the afternoon!”  MARINE WEATHER

Sometimes it is a bit of gamble weather-wise to go to town or not.  Sometimes you pretty much have to go and so the gamble becomes a calculated risk.  Yesterday loomed even worse.  I had to add to the equation that I had no car when I got to the other island and had to rely on ‘hitching’ to get in.  The whole thing became a crapshoot of stupid proportions.

But, ‘what the hell’….it wasn’t like I was busy……………..

And, as luck and good neighbours proved, it all turned out great!  Our neighbours went into town a day early so as to accommodate my appointment and they also provided the car-ride in.  It all went well.  Weather remained good and later in the day my truck was working again and so I picked it up from the mechanic.  Felt good to have my ‘wheels’  back.  In the morning I felt as if I was hobbled.  Later that day, I was healed.


‘Weird‘ because there is something primal in me and, I think, most men.  We feel incomplete without a set of wheels.  Hobbled.  Like a cowboy without a horse.  Like a Bedouin without a camel?  Or a  rebel without a Toyota pick-up?  There is a line in Jerry Maguire where the character tells his girlfriend, “You complete me.”  I can honestly say that about my set of wheels.  Sad.

When living off the grid on a remote island, the ‘extension of self’ that a vehicle provides, like an extra limb, extends further to one’s boat.  Ya kinda identify with the thing, ya know?  My newish to me, vintage boat, the 17′ runabout I call Wasabe has grown on me like that, too.  I used to relate to the stubby, white, heavy barge-like tub that is my whaler-like old SurfNatch.  Wasn’t much of a leap, really, given my own sense of self.  Think Brian Dennehy.

But now I am getting in synch with Wasabe, the sickly green, mushy-floored speedster wannabe that has long seen better days.  That seems to resonate with self as well.

That sounds kinda sad, too, I guess.  But it isn’t.  Old Wasabe gets around. Still gets the job done.  Ain’t pretty but still tickin’.  And Wasabe can carry.  Not as much as Surf used to but it still carries stuff…..just does it smarter.  I can relate to all that.

Any female readers are likely wondering, “What the hell is he talkin’ about?”  And I think just about every male reader is thinkin’, “Yeah.  Me, too.”

Mind you, ol’ Sal and her little boat are pretty inseperable, too, but I don’t think she identifies with it as much.  For her, I think, cars and boats are pretty much just transportation.  Makes you wonder…how could she miss so much? 

Could be a gender thing.


1 thought on “Extension of self

  1. Everyone needs a ride. No one wants t be on Shank’s mare. Even the homeless have wheels. The umbilicus unsevered. ‘A horse, a horse my kingdom for Marmon’. Jailed but with a key!


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