“I need to watch something highbrow.  Maybe some boring documentary or a slow paced, no-action, tear jerker with poor, abused women and children suffering in India and their dog dying slowly til the end.  Or maybe something on gay rights or gender changing.  Or gardens or something.  My algorithm looks bad.”

“What are you talkin’ ’bout?”

“Well, Netflix takes note of the movies I watch and then suggests other things that I might like.  They use an algorithm to do that.  And so the movies that pop up on my page are what they think I like.  And they think I like junk.”

“You do.”

“Yeah.  I know.  But they also share my likes and dislikes with all and sundry and so now everyone knows I like junk.  And let us be clear, I like good junk, not junky junk.”

“You like space aliens and shoot em ups!  That’s junk.  Plain and simple.  Emphasis on simple!”

“Wrong.  Good space and alien movies are rare, I admit, but when they get it right, it is great.  Remember the first Alien with Sigourney Weaver?  And slo-mo shoot ém ups with cars blowing up is about as good as it gets.  Everyone knows that.  Ooohhhhh, Jason Statham killing everyone even slightly bad…………what’s not to like?”

“You have no taste, you know that?”

“I love you.”

“The exception proves the rule.”

“Well, we watched a movie of your choice set in India about British retirees, remember?  And now, every time you open your page, you get bombarded with Bollywood specials.  That‘s what I mean.”

“Well, you have a point, I guess.  What are you suggesting?”

“Let’s create some new profile pages that defy our algo-stereotypes.  Let’s fool ém.  We’ll start and stop a bunch of so-called ‘good movies’ and then our algorithm will make our friends think we are sophisticated and intellectual.”

“But you are an idiot.”

“Right, but only you know that!”

“Not if you publish this blog.”

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