So….I bought a welder………..

Second hand.  Not a big thing.  Small, actually.  Dinko.  But it will do the job.  I think.

I am going to purchase more solar panels and that plan – when executed – will require a new frame and post setup for the whole panel assembly.  The cost of the welder is 25% of what I would pay a guy to do that for me, so I’ll just do it myself.

Oooh….shades of macho, independent-man, eh?

‘Course I have managed to damage myself in every new independence undertaking so far – especially the macho ones – so Sally is not all that pleased with this new acquisition.  “You are goin’ to kill yourself, you old fool.  At least electrocute or burn yourself – probably both!  And the frame will fall apart and all our panels will be destroyed.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be the nurturer here?  You know, supportive?  Whatever happened to the woman behind the man, eh?”

“Oh, I’ll be behind you, alright.  With a fire extinguisher.  And a first aid kit.  You loon!”

“Good.  I knew I could count on you.  Now, would you just hold this electrode-thingy while I turn it on?”

Sal is pretty good as a rule.  Great, actually.  But she doesn’t always get onside right away.  In fact, she never gets onside right away.  She claims the reason for that is a strong survival instinct.  But I usually get past that.  Eventually.   OK….not always……

Fortunately for me, I am charming.  And usually right.  OK…to be more honest…..I just don’t listen to her and just charge ahead anyway (sometimes) but I think of that as part of my charm so it is much the same thing.  And – if it works out – she is pretty gracious and doesn’t try to take credit for it.  Not all the time anyway.

I can hear it now……  “It was me who suggested you buy that welder!” 

If it doesn’t work out, she usually keeps her mouth shut.  Which is pretty good.  I’d be going ‘nyah, nyah’ myself.  So I consider that part supportive.  Not nurturing so much but supportive in a quiet, pretend-it-didn’t-turn-out-well kind of way.   The reason for that…?  She sorta figures that my ego is already too big and acknowledging my being right will only make things worse.  And, if my ego gets too big, I am gonna hurt myself. Which I have done.  Many times.  Ergo, for safety reasons, she has to play down the victories.  And I get that.  She’s probably right.

God help us all if this welding thing works out.

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