And there is nothing wrong with that…..not now, anyway

Thank God!  Finally!  I can advertise my services.  And I can do my work with an assistant to at least attend to the paperwork.  Mind you, I expect to still do most of the heavy lifting.  But I can now do most of my work from the comfort of my own home.  It is about time!

For years, I have been wanting to be a bona fide sex-trade worker.  Seriously.  And now there is nothing wrong with that!  But there was such a stigma before – imagine that!  As a consequence of that prejudice, I was much too embarrassed to really make a career of it.  Afraid to advertise, mostly.  I am sure you understand.  That has all changed with the Supreme Court rulings that makes it all alright.

I am now good to go.

Now my passion (in every sense of the word) can come out and speak it’s name.   No more closets.  I may even go for certification.  Why not?  As everyone knows, it is dicey and chancey work at the best of times.  Training might help (car window conversations have always been hard for me).  And I really should be licensed.  At the very least a permit or tag to wear around my neck.

Or maybe a red strobe?

Now I can also have people who live off the avails of my work (as if they haven’t already!).  The government’s position on that hasn’t changed.

And, of course, you need your people.  Well, at least one.  It really would have been nice to have had a customer over the past 45 years, too!  But I was really underground.  No advertising.   These have been very, very lean years cash-flow wise, I can tell ya!

Anyway, the government in their infinite wisdom has finally decided that paid-for-sex (as if there was any other kind) is now reputable enough to be licensed, housed, regulated, monitored and, of course, taxed.  They claim it is about safety for sex-trade workers but, in my 50 or so years in the business, clandestine as it was, I have never been afraid for my safety.

Performance?…….perhaps.  Ridicule?….I do have a complex about that.  And the ability to finish what I started?…well, maybe a few times…..but safety?  Hardly ever.

Well……in my late teens, there was this one girl who suggested through sobs and tears that it would be in my best interests to attend the nearest clinic for tests…that was a bit scary.

And I admit that not just a few of my offers of service were rudely if not overly aggressively turned down.  Like I said, it is dangerous work….even applying for  the position can be dangerous.

The good thing about my new career is that there is no skill involved.  No education.  No commitment.  One doesn’t have to even break a sweat (that costs extra).  The industry is literally an easy-entry (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) trade and one can fly by the seat of their pants for a decade or two for the most part.  Or even without the seat of their pants.  So to speak.

I may not have much to offer the marketplace at this late date but at least I have seniority.  I know which end is up.

Not everyone does, you know?

I used to say that I would not get out of bed for $500 but now I can tell the truth.  That is actually the price of getting me into bed!  Mind you, with all the new costs to figure in and my pension to consider…plus advertising, shelter costs, medical, taxes, security and permits, I may have to add a zero to that.  I will be charging $5000 an hour and yes, any part of an hour, even 15 minutes, counts as an hour!

Sally will be booking my appointments.

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