Dogs, eh?

Megan died yesterday.  Or, more accurately put, we had to put her down.  Reason: catastrophic liver failure.  We lost a very, very good friend February 7th.  She’ll be missed. A lot.

Megan of the Desert

A very sweet, faithful, loving and gentle dog who adored Sal.  And accepted me for who I was.  They don’t come much better.

Cosmopolitan MeganBut Meg was pretty old.  It was inevitable.  We kinda knew it was coming.  But well, you know…..?  It was still hard. Still is, actually.

The circle of life is sometimes not all that it is cracked up to be.  Right now it feels like a deflated balloon. But we’ll cope.

Of course, my primary coping mechanism these days, as you know, is to blame the city.  “Her liver worked just fine on the island!”  We’ll get through this by condemning urban living. It is a useful palliative.

The Dancing DuoTransference – a sign of good mental health.

A lot transpires during a time like the one we had yesterday.  One tends to focus on (perhaps) not always the right things.  The vet didn’t seem all that great.  The clinic was too warm.  Cars are not good vehicles for transferring corpses.  Traffic can get in the way.  The woman at the pet crematorium was irritating.  And unnervingly weird.

But I have also learned that my first emotional response to anything I don’t like is anger.  First, I get mad.  Then I get angry.  Like it was the pet cemetery woman’s fault.  And I know that about myself.  I know it is just me.  So, I do not punch her in the face.  But I think about it.

So did Sal.

Who would have thought that such a job could be so potentially dangerous?

Anyway………………..Meg is gone.  Just me, Sal and Fiddich now.  We’ll be fine.

!#!%$&! city! 


8 thoughts on “Dogs, eh?

  1. Oh Dave and Sally I am so very sad that you have lost your dear Megan. She was such a dearly loved family member. When our Dee died I bought a van for Sid because we were so lonely without her. I suspect that didn’t make things better at all. This was not the way you would have chosen for her to finish her life, in the city and not at her home. Hugs for you both and Fiddich.


  2. Thanks. She had a great life. A dog’s life, to be sure, but a great dog’s life. Hard to beat the forest and the ocean. Portuguese Water dogs love it. Fiddich still does. We’ll get him back as soon as possible.
    You thinkin’ of buying me a van?


  3. What a sweet dog.

    I am dreading the loss of my senior pups. Just gut wrenching to contemplate.

    btw: when it comes down to it, isn’t the happiest home for a dog anywhere they are with their pack?


    • Yeah, she was a pack-girl, no question. Her biggest dilemma was when Sal and I would go in different directions and she would place herself in the middle and look anxious. But she always decided to go with Sal in the end. So, she was Sal-pal first, pack-girl second.


  4. Sorry for your loss it is never easy, A lot of people lack compassion more so in the city. Megan had a good life and was a country girl, can’t beat that. Take care Rob


    • Thanks. She’ll be missed. Fiddich is still somewhat puzzled and has definitely lost his bounce. But, as you say, they have a good life up there – and getting back will help us all.


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