Background din can fool you – a message from Health

I have recently learned that children’s car seats can get stale dated.  Seems they have a best-before date and, if used for too long, go ‘bad’.  Your kid’s head will crack like an egg in a 5 mph accident!  Who knew?

I have also learned that some Canadians have benefitted from an economic stimulus program that never even existed! (That is not easy and you have to admire their pluck in getting there and still having enough energy for being filmed for already-purchased-for the-Olympics television ads).  And I have learned that dirty dish cloths left unwashed can carry germs that will make you sick.  Maybe crack your kid’s head even? Fabric items such as plush toys can also kill you and your loved ones if you are not careful.

But most of all I have learned that our fellow Canadians love one another so much that we will all get behind our hockey players even if they take on the world!

These lessons cost the government millions to teach.  That is why they have cut back on real educational funding for schools, you see…more kids watch TV than listen to teachers…makes sense in a cynical, selfish, political-brainwashing kind of way.

I have also learned that Enbridge Northern Gateway is protecting our environment from threat – Enbridge is not threatening our environment like it might seem.  They love the salmon.  They love the whales.  And they are doing their level best to protect it all from the bad guys.  God bless ’em.  They have even hired a local ‘mom’  and ‘grandmother’ as project manager.

Who are the bad guys, again?

Propaganda is a powerful tool and our government is not letting this Olympic opportunity pass them by.  They are bombarding us with messages.  Every million dollar ad telling us about dirty washcloths and stale car seats is paid for by your tax dollars.  Every boosterism hockey ad is paid for by your tax dollars.  You are paying to be lied to.  You are paying to be conned. You are paying to be convinced that ‘they’ are looking after you.

They are not.  They are doing the opposite.  They are stealing from you and your children and your children’s children.  They are liars.

And we don’t even think about it.  “Ho hum, just another stupid ad about dirty dishcloths…telling us what everybody knows…or telling us blatant lies…all done with a backdrop of real Canadian scenery and wildlife…so what else is new?” 

Here’s something new: We are also being told to curb our wanton use of antibiotics.  We are being told that over use of such drugs causes problems and those problems are our fault!  Fact: antibiotics are prescribed by doctors, sold by pharmacies and they really do go stale.  In other words: the consumers being lectured to by the ads are NOT the problem.

Their propaganda is not a real solution for the problem but it helps deflect the blame from government and the medical industry.

More and more we are seeing advertising campaigns selling ideology rather than product.  We see political points of view rather than bargain discounts.  We see environmental platitudes and outright lies stated by corporate polluters and backed by government complicity.  Even the media and broadcasting – the medium by which this duplicity is delivered – is guilty of NOT telling the truth.

It is not just a case of the absence of truth – it is a purposeful, managed and carefully packaged lie.  L-I-E.

The BIG LIE is all of it, this giant cover-all veil of lies, statistics, half-truths, propaganda, spin and deceit that pervades almost every newspaper article, every piece of legislation, every ad on TV and especially the infotainment that passes for news.  We have, as a nation, become so complacent or so stupid that the BIG LIE is no longer even half-hidden or subtle.  It is blatant.  It is ‘in your face’.  It is embarrassing, insulting and completely out of control.

And it has an increasingly American style to it.  And you know where that leads?  Blind patriotism, ugly nationalism and complete and utter ignorance of the rest of the world.  It also leads to supplication, subservience and forced compliance when deemed necessary by government (Homeland Security).  We will become a nation of hockey goons just as the US has become a nation of tail-gate football fans.  And anyone questioning that will become a danger to national interests or a person of interest to the police.

Warning! Whatever you do, don’t get too caught up in the boosterism that is the Olympics.  All it really is NOW is nationalism writ large.  And nationalism is just BIG party politics at work.

Having said that, Gilmore Junio exemplified real sportsmanship by giving up his Olympic opportunity to a better skater and one of Canada’s ski coaches, Justin Wadsworth helped a Russian competitor whose ski had broken.  THAT is the Canada I would like to see promoted. 


2 thoughts on “Background din can fool you – a message from Health

  1. The other day I was discussing websites that end with .org, .net and .gov. I mentioned a website ending with .gov might not to reliable. The folks in the room gasped audibly. Seem the O’Canada tv spots are working.


    • I know. That is truly scary. That people believe that crap and then vote on their beliefs! I dunno…..the concept of democracy is a good one but it is assumed that the voters are not fools. And that has clearly been proven wrong time and time again. Twice with the family Bush alone! And we will eventually see it replayed with the family Trudeau…..again with the idiot son!


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