No idea what I am talking about…just like Canada

OK…so what is really going on?  All of a sudden, we are getting sabre-rattling from Canada, the paragons of peace, the nancy-boys of North America?  Canada talks tough with Russia?  Give me a break!

I have no idea what this is all about but one thing is for sure, it is NOT about the Ukrainian people.  We don’t care that much about our OWN people 95% of the time – so we are going to punch Russians in the face for doing what not only comes naturally but also may be somewhat justified?  Makes no sense.

Who is writing the script for this dark sit-com?

Look: Russia leased land in Ukraine.  Like Britain did 115 years ago with Hong Kong.  Russia has half it’s navy in Crimea.  It has nuclear weapons there and over 60% of the population there are Russian.  Putin has to go there.  He has to secure his forces.  He has no choice.  In fact, I would prefer Putin to have the nuclear weapons over newly energized Ukrainian rebels.  As bad as Putin is, he hasn’t used any nuclear weapons yet.

And, from what I hear from real Ukrainians, the current team of parliamentarian pirates are not 100% supported even amongst those not Russian.  Clearly this is a divided country in so many ways.  Give ’em time.  Let them sort it out.

But Canada has somehow suddenly found it’s voice on this?  Let me put it bluntly: we do not have a voice in this.

For Canada to posture on this current issue is like France posturing on Quebec.  “Shut up, already!”

So, what is the real issue?  Well, methinks that the Ukraine ‘splitting off’ from Russia serves the west in some way.  So, they are meddling to make matters worse.  Offering up billion dollar loans to Ukrainian Vlad-come-latelies and attending memorials – what nonsense.  What hypocritical and dangerous nonsense!

Don’t get me wrong, Putin has a long track record of Stalin-eque rule and is clearly not a nice guy.  But, given that he has no choice in Crimea because he leases an apartment and a big marina there, why make this an issue?  Why make this an issue for Canada?

And, from my point of view, Canada lives in a glass house.  Canada does not take care of our own people.  See aboriginal issues.  See the environment.  Canada does not even take care of it’s own veterans.  Canada sells out it’s resources to China.  Canada cuts back on services to it’s own people and cheats everyone.  But we are going to war to back up our Ukranian brothers over an issue that is just a week or so old?

Somebody should arrest John Baird and put a muzzle on Stephen Harper.  For their own good. They are way out of their league in this street fight.

There is only one plausible explanation I can see for this: the arctic.

Canada and Russia claim overlapping parts of the arctic.  We are already taking little ‘runs’  at each other by overflying our air territories and them doing the same.  And that will have to be sorted out if either government begins the planned rape of the resources there (oil).  So, by Canada and the US showing up like Batman and Robin over Ukraine, a clear message regarding territorial disputes in the arctic is being sent.  We will subsequently diminish our rhetoric over Ukraine (because we don’t care about it, really) but we will then double our flyovers in the arctic and add the presence of our American neighbours.

The message: Canada and the US stand as one.  Stay out of the arctic and we’ll stay out of Ukraine.

But I have no idea what I am talking about.  Maybe we should just trust Harper on this…waddya think?

4 thoughts on “No idea what I am talking about…just like Canada

  1. You are correct! What else can Putin do but guard his military assets. That area is a powder keg in the making. But nevertheless the toothless Canadian dog raises its hackles and barks, “invasion, invasion.”


  2. An interesting peeling back of the layers. Good work.
    Although I generally don’t allow myself to immerse myself in the overwhelming nightmare that is macro-politics, I have been sporadically following this story in small bites after taking a necessary deep-breath.
    And because money rules everything (pretty much), I think the power brokers need to take a small step back, and let those with business interests in Russia breathe down Putin’s neck. It’s the old keep your enemies close, and your friends closer thing–peer pressure is a nearly irresistible force.


  3. It would please the western powers if Putin lost his naval base on the Black Sea and his direct access to the Mediterranean sea. Prediction: Cold War is officially on but the west will still need Putin’s help to deal with Syria and Iran. Not to mention that 40% of Germany’s energy comes from Russia but collapsing EU economies obviously is not a big deal to the Americans. The Americans say, “Off with our nose!”


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