Google should know…………

Less than two weeks until parole.  We’re being released!  But, like all prisoners incarcerated for any length of time, we have identified with our captors and will likely miss the place.  Somewhat.  I call it being a ‘PUTS’ – post urban trauma syndrome. (pronounced ‘putz’).

The good part: I will spend less on gasoline!

Well, there are many other good things that resulted from our winter foray into the city but I will be immediately aware of the massive drop in fuel use.  OMG!  You think the government takes too much flesh?  The oil companies are pretty damn close in their hoovering of your pockets.

But that is not so much what is on my mind today.  Today I am thinking of Economic Growth and how there won’t likely be any for the foreseeable future.  Economic lassitude is one thing we haven’t really experienced for any length of time.  Not in modern times.

We have had bullish growth and we have experienced bearish recessions but an economy in a state of sameness (status quo) is relatively unknown.  So much of our economic infrastructure is predicated on inflation at the very least.  Interest rates bolster pension funds and that sort of thing.

Howzit gonna  work when there is no growth?

Interestingly, I think, status quo is going to be the BIG change agent. It sounds weird but status quo is the one state that the system can’t cope with.  We don’t have plans for running in place.

Don’t get me wrong – we are not all that comfortable with recessions and depressions either but Wall Street has a maxim: “We make money when the market falls and we make money when it goes up.  When it remains the same, we don’t make money!”   

Status quo is a new game for them and for all financial houses.  How is that gonna work?

And status quo is inevitable.  At some point if not now.  You cannot have an infinitely growing economy in a limited resource world.  That is just obvious.  But, of course, you can’t grow and grow while the resources shrink and shrink either.  Before you run out of room for growth, the limitations are foreseen, some are felt, some are even addressed.  So before we hit the wall, so to speak, we slow down.  And the world is slowing down.

We are running out of oil.  Even if we are not, we are running out of room for the pollution it causes.  And even if we are not, the climate is.  And even if none of that is true, we think it is.  Thus change will happen. And I think status quo, in this case, is change.  Change writ large.

What will status quo look like?  I don’t know but I think that most people see status quo as boring so that boredom will spawn innovation.  In all things.  NOT tomorrow but status quo will eventually morph into some kind of new era.  Economic doldrums could be the calm before the storm.

Anyway……..just a thought………….as Sal and I prepare to head back into the hills, I am looking back at our past few months of modern immersion and wondering where it is all headed.  We are now armed with a smartphone so we can ask it what is going on and we can keep up that way.  “Hey!  Google now…….wazzup?”       

4 thoughts on “Google should know…………

  1. People need money to buy comsumables but they do not have it. We need consumer spending. Average person has too much debt and other than a lottery win little chance of being debt free. Our government would rather invest in roads and bridges and as little as possible in human resources. The solution is obvious but fiscal conservatives can not get their heads around stimulus spending for the poor. Corporate welfare is okay because it suits Bay Street but do not help the single working mother of three children.


    • We’ll work it out. Eventually. I am sure of that. But what it will look like is anybody’s guess. I can’t see abandoning Capitalism (especially basic capitalism other than the manipulated kind we have now). It works, kinda. But it has to be ‘naturalized’. Read Natural Capitalism by Lovins/Hawken. That seems better.


  2. Not a religious person but what about the Ten Commandments broken every day in the name of profit. The love thy neighbour, do unto others but I digress getting very rich is much more important than food, shelter and basic security for the forty percent of children living below the poverty line! No child asked to be born. Suffer the little children on the alter of greed.


    • Interesting…maybe the stagnancy of the economy will provide room to re-introduce some morality and consideration for others. Stranger things have happened. Like I said, who knows how this will play out………….?


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