Set prawn traps and a day later, reeled them in.  Got about 100 of the little crawlies – emphasis on little.  They were too small to keep (baby finger-sized) and so they went back in.  Disappointing but the right thing to do.  My neighbour goes out, lays out traps and the next day hauls in.  He has about 100, too.  All of his were the size of bananas!

How is that even possible?

Another neighbour goes by and drops off a log at our beach.  So we have officially begun our quest-for-fire season.  There are two logs down at the beach right now and there seems to be a rule – you can ignore one and just wait.  But, if there are two, you have to get at it!  So, we’ll be on the logging job pretty soon.

A buoy floated by.  Mid channel.  We know what that is.  It is a buoy with several hundred feet trailing out and one or two or even three traps attached to it.  All laid in too deep water so they floated off.  Could be a gift from the prawn gods.  Sal goes out, reads the name and pulls them up.  Belongs to a neighbour.  Sal calls. They’ll retrieve their traps tomorrow.

Another neighbour is over.  He has a pneumatic nailer.  Sal and I are finishing off the interior of the studio/workshop and need to borrow it.  We just finished doing the vapour barrier yesterday.  Interior ceiling and walls soon. So, we’ll get it, do the ceiling and return it before the big Easter dinner for ten the next day.  His house.  But Sal makes something potlucky. I’ll make the potatoes.

During this time, we cleaned up the big back deck, cleaned up the worksite and Sal did our taxes.  Today, we’ll also ‘burp’ the freezer as it seems to be not-so-cold these days.  That will take a while.  I also finished a couple of books and started a third, we’ve had three sets of visitors and Sal had to go into town for a dental issue.

Started the Longmire series.

None of that counts the first five days of schlepping stuff up the hill or the peat moss and steer manure that still has to come up from the beach.  Did I mention the propane fridge repair, the water pump repair?  Or the first dinner party, the doctor’s visits and the trips to the post office?   We’ve been home ten days.

And people wonder what we do all day?

2 thoughts on “‘blink’

    • It is. It really is. That is partly why I wrote this blog – to encourage others to get back on a healthy, happy track. It is really nice to be happy…..who woulda think it?


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