Improbable if not usually impossible….

Sal spent $70.00 on go-to-yoga-Wednesday.  That is incredible.  Beyond comprehension.  But she did it despite the impossibility of it.  Mind you, she didn’t HAVE $70.00 at the time (nor a credit card or even a purse) but that didn’t stop her.  A man’s gotta do, a woman’s gotta shop.

But you already know all that about women shopping.  That is not news.  What makes this day of expenditure so remarkable is that Sal managed to do it without a store to visit.  In fact, with the exception of some postage from the Post Office, there was not even the semblance of a normal vendor and one had to look hard in places not normally associated with commerce to find something to buy.

I confess that, in this case, the looking hard part would have been the fun part for me because Sal came home with some new bras.  One of the people at Yoga had returned from Mexico with a collection of colourful and captivating custom-made bras for sale and Sal took advantage.  The goods were displayed in situ while attending yoga and who could resist that?  Her word is good so the debt was incurred and the bras handed over.  Ka-ching!  She also, of course, paid for attending yoga ($6.00) and the aforementioned postage.  She passed on lunch…(with new bras, she was watching her figure….).   

While on the public dock at the PO, she ran into G from a neighbouring island.  G raises chickens and had a few dozen eggs to sell and, surprisingly, a frozen chicken.  Our local chickens are more than free range, they are lucky as hell.  There is so much wildlife up here that the odds of survival are higher in downtown Homs, Syria, than for being a free range chicken on a remote island.  But this one made it long enough to get frozen and driven to the PO and so Sal couldn’t resist.  It was good karma in a poultry-kind-of-way.  No money.  Just a mental note…and a sum of money placed in one of several envelopes when she got home.

No store.  No intention.  No money at hand.  But we have chickens, bras, stamps and eggs nevertheless.  I kinda understand the chicken and eggs but colourful Mexican bras found in the middle of the west coast rain forest……?  This is a whacky, fun kinda place at times.

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