Main and Hastings as a metaphor/illustration

So, it has only been ten years or so.  Living out here.  Feels like a lifetime – a great and wonderful one – but one so different as to almost erase 50 years of urban memories.

Well, NOT erase them.  I can still tell ‘city-life’ stories for hours on end (but people keep leaving the room, so I don’t).  But this new life in the country has definitely kicked the old life in the city back into yesteryear.  Like I said, it almost feels like a lifetime ago.

The title of my blog describes me as an urban guy gone feral and that has been fairly accurate until about now.  I was urban.  I am not now. But I am not yet quite feral. It is a process.

I am NOT wild, untamed or completely free in the least but I also no longer feel the essence of the urban experience.  I no longer have to fit in.  I don’t have to relate.  I don’t have to get it. Not as much, anyway.  And I don’t.

Increasingly frequent mass killings don’t explain it to me very well, either.  Tho I am not in the least surprised.  Yet, such incidents are being adjusted to by communities.  I don’t get that, either.   I wouldn’t get used to that without getting paranoid and PTSD’d upside the head.  Put another way – I don’t think I can adjust to that level of crap.  Not anymore.  I shudder to think what I adjusted to when I was being taught at school and trying to fit in.  Like the old rock and roll song (Kodachrome, Simon and Garfunkel),When I think of all the crap I learned in High School, it’s a wonder I can think at all!”

I really don’t understand why people endure all that madness when moving away from it – at the very least – is a viable option.

Part of it, of course, is that the urban experience has itself been moving apace.  Vancouver in 2014 is simply NOT the city it was in 2004.  Not even close.  More of the ugly and the absurd is commonplace for instance.  And, even if it wasn’t, smartphones alone have changed the culture beyond recognition. The city is changing and the people in it are changing.  Hard to get off a moving train.

Just for an eye-opener, drive the unit and hundred blocks of Hastings street at midnight.  Do not slow down.  Do not stop.  Just look and keep going. 

Mind you, things change…and they have.  That’s to be expected.  Me and the city are on opposing and different paths and we are both accelerating on our journey.  Well, the city is accelerating and I am just barely moving. Ambling, really.  OK, doddering.  But the point is: oppositely.

But, c’mon…real Zombies and Vampires (see Hastings street) seem to be playing a larger part in so-called modern life these days……………I dunno……..just sayin’.  That is weird.  Ya got plenty of your shootin’ and your taserin’, too.  And those are the cops!  And then there is the normalization of the drugs, of course. Teachers breaking bad.  And generally accepted levels of corruption.  Crimes of mass destruction environmentally.

Ask yourself the question: ‘What am I signing up for here?’

Yesterday, Sal and my friends collected a bit of Cedar bark for crafts.  The day before, he fished and caught dinner.  The garden is being attended to and I am teaching myself to weld (I admit that ‘welding’ does not seem all that primal but it is.  I am practically a blacksmith-in-the-making).  We are deeper into the independent lifestyle even if so much of it is still very dependent.  We need gasoline, for instance.  Food brought from stores…that kinda thing.  But more and more, bit by bit, we are getting free of the umbilicals, the webs, the snares and the traps of modern living.

Leavin’ zombies far behind….

But, even better, we are getting free of the seemingly increasing presence of evil that stalks the urban streets.  Or so it seems, anyway.

It is not easy getting the tar off the baby but we are getting closer.  On a scale of one to ten, we are easily a two, maybe a 2.5.  Should we ever get to a 5 on that scale (needing the system 50% less) we will feel twice as free.  Twice as safe and twice as healthy, too.

Point: first decade was a success!

1 thought on “Main and Hastings as a metaphor/illustration

  1. I’ve driven through Hastings and Main and it contrasts starkly to the idyllls of the your island. Its hard to change and follow ones bliss as you did. “If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living.”


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