Primal guy

Well, I beat the snot out of my days work and it turns out that it was the snot that was holding it together.  It all fell apart.  So, a smidge frustrated but warming to the challenge (catching fire, actually. Literally!).  I did it again.  ‘Course, Einstein pointed out that doing the same thing expecting different results is pretty dopey and so I at least proved Albert right once again.  Beating the snot out of the second batch of welds saw the pieces come apart a second time.  I was doing something wrong.

Quel surprise!

So, I read the book.  I looked up the directions.  I googled it.  I watched the attached video and then I did it again.  And the pieces still fell apart.  When in doubt, go to Sal.  “Hey, Sal!  Waddya know about welding?”

“Nothing.  And I am not interested.  And I don’t want to come over and look at what you have done.  Especially with all that snot all over the place.”

“You are not being supportive, sweetie…………you know the deal………….you support and nurture and frequently forgive, and I provide the humour and make sushi now and then.”

“OK.  I’ll come.  Sushi it is for dinner tonight, then?”

We go to the welding spot – where there is a lot……….of snot……..and it is hot………..and what not……what have I got?  Was I taught?  My clothes are shot – like a raggedy tot – And I am not, I say I am not, I say I am not a welderrrrrr! (sung to a rap tune beat with hands waving and logger shirt on fire). 

Sal looks at the welder.  Looks at the knobs.  Looks at me.  “Geez, I dunno….”

But she is also looking at the box and her eyes are focused on the part where the lid is and I seem to recall that the inside of the box had further instructions so I open it up.  I read.  Seems I have been welding at too low a heat setting.

“Sal!  You are a genius.  You led me directly to the answer.  Thanks.  Bril!”

“I did nothing.”

“Do you want sushi?”

“Right.  Hope you learn from this little supervision.  Its a good teacher who speaks little and lets the student learn at their own pace. Doin’ good, butterfly.”

So, I crank up the heat and weld the pieces again and then beat ’em.  Like hell!  They stand strong.  I am pleased.  This is manly stuff.  Real manly.  Stupid, of course.  Dirty, too.  And snotty sometimes.  But there is no avoiding the manliness.  Argh!

Now to the raw fish!

3 thoughts on “Primal guy

  1. Hahahahahah! M. says you guys sound like us. Lately, when a ripple disturbs the force, it’s “do we need to negotiate this?” Like the wide-eyed natives with Manhattan Island, I keep getting the short end of the stick!


  2. Thanks. How you doin’? Enjoying the west coast?
    Don’t say, ‘stick’. Sal usually beats me with one. It is a hard life living with an Amazon who is also beautiful, smart and can cook. What’s a guy to do but say, “yes, m’am”.


    • Going well, Dave, been all the way north to Ladysmith, and west past Sooke. Leaving tomorrow for Campbell River and points in-between. We are having a blast! Weather’s been great.


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