It hit 33 degrees Celsius today…about 90-something Fahrenheit.

This is Canada!  What the hell….?

I tend to generate a lot of heat all on my own.  I really don’t need this.  And I find this  Saharan heat hard to take.  I was not alone.  We watched about 20 people go zooming by in a whale watching boat dressed in survival suits – which oughta kill ’em pretty quick I figure. Frankly, I think whale watching tours are really people-watching for Killer whales.  They have to be amused by sun-cooked red dough-boys arriving by the dozen.  If they only knew the half of it.

Those red survival suits are designed to keep you alive in the ice-cold ocean but work against you when you are sitting in an open boat in the scintillating mid-day sun.  Survival suits are a bit like logging safety gear; when you aren’t slicing yourself into bits with an errant chainsaw, the stuff just makes the activity so much harder to do that you are closer to danger – not safer.  Same with survival suits – you need to be immersed in the actual danger to use them and appreciate them.  Falling in the ice-cold ocean makes a survival suit make sense; but NOT falling in makes the suit a living Hell.

Survival suits are actually worse than logger safety gear because they make you want to fall in but wearing hot, restricting leathers while cutting trees doesn’t make you want to cut your own limbs off.  But they are both stupid.  Someone has to come up with safety gear that doesn’t make you want to rip it off.

But, I digress.  It’s the heat.  Makes it hard to concentrate.  I tend to babble – even on a blog.  No one notices – they are in a heat induced stupor themselves.  And, because of that,  I babble more.

Me and the boys got to work a bit earlier today to avoid the worst of the heat and it worked…kinda. We just worked for an hour and then quit.  Then they went boating and I sat like a lump until it was time to take a nap.  And some people pay big bucks to go to places this hot!  On purpose!  I honestly don’t get it.  If 20 degrees Celsius is pleasant, 40 degrees is not twice as good.

Man, just when you thought global warming was a myth and the oil patch propaganda might be right…………(only kidding.  I was never that stupid!). 

6 thoughts on “…..gasp

  1. I love the fall but I’d gladly pass on most of a summer day the exception would be the 5:00 am sun rise. I do not know how you do the heat. No dips in the ocean for me but standing under the full on cold shower works for a while. The dog has dug a hole under a shrub to cool her belly and she hangs there in the shade.


    • We dip. Mostly I wait until I think I am gonna die……..then I dip. Ten seconds in our ocean and I think I am gonna die all over again so I get out. It’s an extreme sport.
      But, seriously..? Hong Kong in the summer………I wouldn’t last a weekend.


  2. We came back two weeks ago to 90+ heat. Put a kiddie pool on the front deck and have been using it every day! It’s supposed to hit a nice cooling trend tomorrow through Sunday, due to a “Polar Vortex” lol. A bit of a dip of the old jet stream down from Canada into VA. But, it’s manageable. Worst thing here is the drought – maybe an inch of rain the past three weeks, in toto. Not enough for the kitchen garden. Glad I put in the soaker hose system.
    Anyway, your weather will change soon enough, as will ours. The only constant is change.


    • I whined and whinged that day ’cause the air was hillbilly-still. And it has been even a bit hotter these past two days. But it was easier to take because the fjord wind has been blowing and that brings cool air from the inland glaciers. So, it was 33 again today but we had a 15 mph cool breeze blowing the whole time. Like air conditioning in the Bahamas. And then the paradise we lost that day was found again!


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