Love, chaos, madness and a chocolate fountain…….

It was a good wedding.  I might have even mustered a tear….or maybe a bird peed in my eye….hard to say…the wedding ceremony was held outdoors.  There were birds in the sky.

Perfect day.  Lovely garden setting. Bride was beautiful, groom handsome, best man funny, speeches all generally short and the food was great.  Everyone dancing including some octogenarians.  And the place was alive with hob-nobbing from the get-go.

Our family is now just that much larger.  And not just a few of them are as eccentric and weird as the ones they are joining.  Quite a bunch of whackos all told.  More than a few times I contemplated the wisdom of living off the grid last night.  It was truly an inspired decision.

Mind you, metaphorically speaking, there were not just a few ‘off-the-gridders’ in attendance as well at the wedding regardless of where they lived.

It has been a year of weddings for our children.  Emily and Brian last November and Ben and Katie yesterday.  Thank God we only had two kids!


But I won’t bore you with wedding stuff.  It’s the stuff of stuff.  But I will say that there was a lot of love in the room last night.  Chocolate love and strawberries was the least of it.  It was pretty neat.  Nice way of passing the torch…………..and that is what it felt like. Something changed during their ceremony……….and  I could feel the torch leaving my hand.


5 thoughts on “Love, chaos, madness and a chocolate fountain…….

  1. We were at a wedding this weekend also. I also sensed the affirmative energy of commitment and life long partnership. I had no sense of torch passing which is not surprising as I’ve never been a torch bearer at all. I did like the conventionality of it the groom in a lime green golf shirt and black shorts and the bride in an off white strapless wedding gown giving an air of formality. It was the triumph of hope over experience. Congratulations on your son’s marriage and the gaining of a new daughter. What torch did you pass?


  2. The old expression, ‘passing the torch’ refers to a generation ascending while the one ahead is being passed. And that was what I felt. Just a feeling.


  3. Well thats excellent!
    And the weather co-operated. Perfect.
    And as you have noted, Your just far enough off the grid to be unencumbered by “surprise” visits from relatives. Not that you dont want visits………..


    • Not far enough, actually………….we seem to have an average of more than twenty or more guests every summer for usually three days (on average). We likely average 60-75 guest days a year and one year (when I actually counted) it was over 110 guest days! I would put a stop to it but just about all them are invited or are entitled to be invited and we actually ‘treasure’ them all. We have great friends! I would like to spread the visits out a bit ’cause July and August are always full but, really……..who thinks of visiting anyone remote in January? Now THAT would be a surprise guest!


      • Yup, january tis a cold month, even in canadian ‘subtropical rain forest” Gulf Islands…….. Thats why God invented hottubs OR if yer fortunate enough hotsprings. I remember a friend of mine many,many years ago that used to bathe outside, year round, in Nova Scotia. He had an old cast iron tub on blocks that he would build a fire under and then ……….hop in. A poor mans hottub.


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