Let there be light! But turn it off right now, please.

Ooooh…………all panels a-pumpin’!  All circuits a’ hummin’.  Power galore!  I can hardly wait for the corruption to set in.  Today we got ’em all wired and now we are ‘topped up’ – virtually all of the time.  Six hundred amp hours on tap!  OMG this feels good!

Last visitors are gone for the season.  Maybe get a few more now and then but basically, we are alone and have some down time until November.  Literally.  We slept 11 hours last night.  Down is good.  Horizontal.  Light blanket.  Pillow.  Blessed rest.

“Well, I lay in bed a bit longer this morning to do some thinking.  I think the next project is the deck extension and then the lower funicular cart construction.  We’ll put off the greenhouse and the guest bathroom for awhile.  Waddya think?”

“I think that I am gonna make breakfast and stop right there, ya big dumb doofus.  I have enough to do without all your stupid projects.  I have to reupholster the chesterfield and chairs and there is still the book to do.  We have to get in the seaweed soon.  Fill that last row of wood.  And what about getting the new freezer to use all that juice?  When you figure to do that?”

“Hmmmm….good point.  I may just have to sleep on it for awhile.  Feel like a nap?”

I suspect that we will ‘take ‘er easy’ for a bit.  But the problem with that is, once you stop it is so hard to get back up to speed again.  Oh well, we are getting there (the undefined-in-detail goal of having completed the homestead to a sufficient level that we can stop with the projects).  As I said to a friend yesterday, “Well, I am 66.  At 76 people don’t do a lot of building.  I have to get my big projects done before then. And, at the rate I have been going, that means I can’t stop for long.”

He laughed but he is about 50 and has lived up here for longer than we have and just finished his own house to the point that they can live in it.  I could see the plans in his head for other projects being reviewed as we spoke.

Building takes time.  Lots of time.  And building is never just the construction of whatever structure or system you have planned.  It is the planning, the learning, the buying of materials, the transportation, the organization, the fact that you have never done it before and that you have no help but your spouse who is just as much a student as you are.  It is the whole enchilada from bringing in power and tools and shopping and living on-the-go without the benefit of pizza delivery to make it a bit easier.  It is the constant interruptions for research, visitors, more supplies and wrinkles and dilemmas that plague every job.  And, of course, it is the inevitable ‘we have to do that over again. It isn’t good enough’.

Projects are Godzillas.

But our last Godzilla is working for us now.  Bigtime.  2100 watts of pure sunshine-in-a-bottle.  Power.  And that is the reward.  Each project means something.  It really, really means something.  We feel like Gods having created another part of heaven.  “Let their be light! ”

Right!   But now let’s also have a day of rest.

7 thoughts on “Let there be light! But turn it off right now, please.

  1. My husband will soon be 67. I am 64. I think I see what you are saying about ‘projects’ and how much work they are. I had a project in mind to take out a window and put in a door. Him and me together. He put it off for over a year . . . I could finally see that he thought it was going to be such a big, bad project that he didn’t even want to attempt it. I (being so much younger lol) thought of it as just another project. And this is happening on more and more of our projects. Oh wait. Perhaps I should have said ‘on my projects’. hmmmmm


    • Little seems as meaningful as the last successful project. I am still going to look at the electric meter every day and smiling. When I tend to take it for granted, is the day I start the next meaningful project.


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