The silly season is finally over.  I can feel it.  I can also see it.  There are fewer boats going by, fewer e-mails coming in, no phone calls, the pace has slowed on everything. Especially me.  Sal is still busy, of course, but she has gone from warp speed to something closer to formula one – a big slowdown for supersonic Sal.

I have projects and I usually have overlapping projects so that I can keep as busy as I want to.  But not right now.  Right now, I am at the end of a major project (the new array) and without one ongoing to go to.  Worse, I don’t feel like starting one. I have had a long week off.  So long, in fact, it has been two weeks (well, there was a bit of tower dismantling but that doesn’t really count)!

Mind you, this time is not so much relaxing as it is lumpifying.  Like a stale bag of Reddi-mix, I am now just a heavy useless lump.  I am hardly moving at all. Yesterday, I got up, measured a few things and then spent long sections of time thinking about the new project (distant future) in a comfortable chair. Sitting was interrupted only by tea-making.  After I had done a lot of thinking, I went to another place and measured a few different things and repeated the chair and tea thing while I thought about that second project (further distant future).  A ball of fire I am not.

But that’s OK.  I got no boss, ‘cept Sal.  And she – as I said – has slowed down, too. Plus she pulled a muscle the day before (wrestling an old carpet into a garbage bag, no less) and so the whip has been hung on the wall for a bit.  If there is going to be any rest for the wicked, it is when Sal hangs up the motivator.

And the lazy brown dog?  Well, he has been on ‘idle’ for a considerable time.  But he looks positively active now compared to us.  A lot of balls and sticks have been fetched these past two weeks.  He has been getting some of the attention he thinks he deserves and he has been busy settling his canine accounts.

This is not a true Indian summer because the temperature is dropping.  Slightly.  Still warm and sunny but definitely Fall has been ‘in the air’ for awhile.  Mind you, we just had an algae bloom last week (a bit late) and I am still in shorts and a t-shirt.  Outdoor furniture is still outdoors.  Still veggies in the garden, fruit in the neighbour’s trees. When the weather turns, it may not come back to sunny and warm and we may be immersed in the change of seasons but, right  now, it is even more pleasant than ever. September to mid October is my favourite time out here.  It’s perfect.

It’s all good.  I am content.  But I did hear Sal talking on the phone about cattle prods and where to buy them so I may have to start doing something soon.  I hope I can put it off til Spring.




3 thoughts on “(yawn)

  1. Bliss, finding your bliss. Thinking time, processing time is vital to the smooth roll out of any project. The more complex the task in hand the greater the rumination. So much of living is introspection.


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