Deja Vu all over again

Off The Grid is, of course, about living OFF the grid, not ON the grid and, since I am currently ON the grid, I should stop writing under this blog title.  But I can’t.  Writing is a habit.  A man’s gotta vent his spleen.

I won’t bore you with the basic urban traffic story anymore.  It is as bad as it has been described in the past and seemingly getting worse.  What a colossal waste of time for everyone.  It took us over an hour to cross the Lions Gate Bridge the other night.  At minimum wage and factoring in gasoline prices, it cost close to a gazillion dollars in wasted time, auto depreciation and operating expenses not counting pollution.  Maybe closer to two gazillion.

We took Fiddich for a walk on the seawall (off-leash section) this weekend (both days) and it was almost as crowded as a Hong Kong sidewalk.  That’s weird.  Dog walking is supposed to be relaxing  – not like commuting in traffic.

Yes, you’ve sensed the theme of today’s post: urban life is crowded, polluted and requires you to smell the butt (or exhaust) of the entity ahead of you while experiencing your butt being too-closely explored by those behind.  Fiddich and I are not amused.  Fiddich, especially, seems put off by all the butt-sniffing going on.  As a dog, he should be ‘into it’ but he is more than hesitant, he is literally shocked at such coarse behaviour.  Walking on the sea wall, for him, is a just one long moving violation.

I feel the same way about traffic.

And I can see why everyone is freaked out by ‘talking-on-the-cell-phone’ all of a sudden.  I have had a car-phone/cell phone since the mid eighties and I just couldn’t understand why all of a sudden it was such a big deal.  But my cell phone was (before I left the city) simple. As in ‘dumb’.  Now the phones are smart and require your complete focus.  Driving and phoning is easy.  Driving and smart-phoning is a major challenge.  Mind you, I am doing it. Like everyone else.  But it is NOT surprising that people are generally unaccepting of that. I am, too.

Even as I do it.

I am, of course, back to filling my car up every other day.  $60-70.  Ka-ching!  That gets old fast. And that’s closing on $750.00 a month!  $1000 before taxes. That cuts into my consulting fees!! The rat race is insane!

But we are ‘restauranting’ again. A bit.  Interestingly, that habit maintains it’s cachet for us and will for a while.  So far, so good.  We’ve had some really good food these past few days and I am not opposed to doing that a few times more.

Our Wfer’s came to join us at the site.  They had been on their own for the last two months on other Wfing gigs.  They got work cleaning up.  They are happy.  Canada has been good to the ‘boys’ and their memories will be good.

Sally has been content to shop, cook, walk and do quilting.  Wants me to pick up some bon bons for her next time I am out.  It is a bit of a vacation for her.  And that’s good.

All in all it is a back to the future kinda thing.  Deja Vu.

6 thoughts on “Deja Vu all over again

    • It is millimeters thin as I write and more than transparent. I think I can see right through it and I am trying to sound a warning: “It is a trap! Get out! Get out NOW!!”. In the meantime, I am tasting a bit of the cheese at the centre of the trap……kinda hypocritical.


      • Well, as I sat in traffic on the Second Narrows bridge heading over to the North Shore this morning I noticed a new fence being constructed on the east side of the bridge. Steel bars, similar to prison bars, twice as high as the old handrail and pointed at the top. No easy way to climb it……
        The reality of “city living” in “paradise” one surmises…….


        • Did you hear the sound of the jail door closing? I saw that fence-thing myself and immediately thought of a ‘stalag’. It had a prison look. I dunno….I am being dramatic, I suppose, but the city feels like a pot with a lotta frogs in it and the pot is getting warmer and warmer……..


  1. I assume that the push is to become a car free city. I never drove until I was twenty-five. I lived in Kits and walked or bused everywhere. And as an early twenties student found little hardship in the student lifestyle. But that was forty years ago. Now I live miles out of the downtown core and could take the Westcoast Express to Waterfront but have no reason to do so. Where I currently live is beyond the ‘Pale’ or the back of beyond but served with freeways. No line-ups, no traffic jams and no nightlife but mostly peaceful with affordable housing. Vancouver is a beautiful but out of my price range and my comfort zone.


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