Seeds of madness

Harper just signed a secret deal (not made public, anyway) with China to share customs and import-export information. Not unlike our previous deals with the US to share all Canadian information. The ENTIRE population of Canada is barely larger than ONE of the largest metropolitan cities in China (Chongquin).  So how does their national import and export information benefit us?  How does giving the US our information make any sense?And the US/Canada security industry monitors every single phone call and e-mail and text message in all of N. America all the time….?

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party (and usually spot on), has asked Parliament to investigate the myth of 911.  Apparently there are some people in Canada that doubt the official story of 911.  And she wants to get to the bottom of it.  Any person with half a brain knows that the official story of 911 is false.  So, why pose the question?  Do you actually WANT more lies? And why is Canada posing the question? Why Elizabeth?  How does raising that question in 2014 (begun by any sentient witness in 2001) make any sense?

Five or six cops jump and kill a large black man (the latest of many) in New York who is NOT resisting arrest and their grand jury does not see grounds to indict the cop with some kind of criminal charge.  “There may be a case (in tort law) of negligence but there is not a case for criminal prosecution.”  Doesn’t that mean that any cop at any time can kill anyone for virtually any reason at all and they will never be charged with a crime?

And aren’t they actually already doing that….?

Christie Clark just ‘gave it away’ and Petronas still doesn’t want to ‘take’ our natural gas.

As CO2 emissions strangulate us, the price of oil has plummeted to half the market price just a year ago.

“The economy is strong!” says Harper and Clark and yet interest rates remain at record lows and individual Canadian debt is at record highs.  And the cost of living is increasing . The province of BC owes billions!  All the while child poverty and homelessness is reaching epidemic levels.  Health Care and Education are crumbling.  Gambling and prostitution are now legal and Heroin is being dispensed by the government.

China is the largest economy in the world (just announced) – an economy built on exporting junk.  The US, second – an economy built on importing junk.  The rich are still getting richer.  And ordinary Canadians can’t afford to own a home.

ISIL nut-bars are proliferating – or so they say – in Syria and Iraq – and Canada is flying sorties against them.  Traffic accidents and mental patients are characterized in the guise of terrorism.  So are 15 year-old petty thieves.

Ban Ki-moon (UN secretary General) is speaking bluntly: “We MUST address climate change or else our species is in peril!”  He is twenty years or more overdue, of course – late, like all so-called leaders – but he has dropped ‘diplomacy-speak’ and is telling it like it is. It seems no one is listening!

The police are killing citizens willy-nilly, the planet is dying, our Prime Minister is signing secret deals with the largest junk economies in the world.  Canadians are being ripped off at every level.  The climate is changing.  And we are celebrating war, of all things!  That which we have paid through the nose for (oil) is – all of a sudden – cheap and that which was offered too cheap (LNG), no one wants.

And I am currently working in the city – mostly by sitting in traffic and talking on a phone…….does any of this make any sense to you?  Is it not all illogical in the extreme?  Is it not all incredibly mad?

Answer: yes.  It is mad. Well and truly insane-making mad.  And, consequently, I am getting madder every day.  I may go home.

13 thoughts on “Seeds of madness

  1. Of late aspects of Malthus’ theories are being applied to economics and resource exploitation. But It’s evident that sustainability will be trumped by the push for growth regardless of the consequences if Harper and Clark have their way.


    • The problem is: it is ALL madness. Growth? What growth? In cancer, pollution, wars, greenhouse gasses? If you mean financial growth; what is that really? Can’t the US simply ‘print’ more money? Wasn’t that quantitative easing rather than growth? Is growth the increase in what it costs to buy a house? There is no growth, per se. There is only the ‘construct’ of growth…..OK….maybe a bit of learning is going on what with the endless scientific advances…I guess…..but, really…? What is science doing for you? GMO? Cure for the cancers that societal burdens cause? I think HDT had it right: go sit at a pond. Call it Walden.


  2. You’re lucky.
    You HAVE a home well away from the “madness”.
    In a few years time….I’ll be in the same situation….with a bit of luck and some astute investing.
    Sounds like the “city life” is getting to you. Traffic, ignorant people, the endless crisis in the news………. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    • You got that right! I can leave. And I will. Mind you, change is good. Gives perspective and all that. And I like the people (mostly). It is just that it doesn’t make much sense, is all. Seems crazy for the most part.


      • City life…Rats in a maze.
        Dont forget its almost a full moon tonight and as a friend of mine who used to work at a 24 hour restaurant once told me “People are F—–g insane on a full moon!”
        Truer words never spoken.


  3. The term economic growth is one of those necessary illusions that the right wing peddles. The economy needs economic growth! So the mythology goes and non-renewable resources is the path to ‘progress’! All hail the Conservatives. Thoreau’s essay on Civil Disobedience is a good read.


    • Well, the official reason is that ‘petitioners’ submitted a petition asking for an inquiry and MPs are obliged to submit those to parliament. But it is also true that lots of petitions are submitted and are tossed in the rubbish bin. But NOT this one. Why? Well, the most obvious reason is because Elizabeth May believes the petitioners to be right and she is pursuing it because she agrees with it. Should she? Probably not. She was born an American and raised in the Eastern US and I just can’t see the Homeland people looking kindly on that kind of thing. Should she ethically, morally, righteously? Of course. 911 was a fraud in so many ways as to be laughingly obvious to anyone who looks. But – again – what is to come of it? The truth will out, I am sure. Someday. But will it be revealed in her lifetime? I doubt it. Read up on the history of Black Flag operations……………they are rampant throughout history and the US has employed them dozens of times. Read up on the physics of the planes (mass) and the fuel (burning temperature) and force (speed and weight) and then do high school comparison to the mass of the towers, the melting temperature of steel and the like. It would be like throwing a flaming paper air plane against a thick plate of steel. NO DAMAGE except a ‘char’ on the side of the building is what most experts say. And that IS what happened when previous jet liners collided with buildings in other countries and at other times. Smushed and melted aluminum crepe bouncing off of concrete and steel. Virtually no damage to the buildings every time. Clearly the planes didn’t do it. Maybe the terrorists rigged the buildings to explode and demolish in a perfectly controlled pancake well in advance and just used the planes for dramatic effect. And building 7 just fell down in sympathy. Who knows the truth? But, I guess, she knows a lie when she sees it and feels compelled to pursue it. On this one; I wish her all the luck in the world.


      • Sorry but I disagree.
        The Twin Towers were designed in the 1960’s . The architech/engineer that designed them is still alive and was interviewed by Frontline about a year after the disaster.
        When a reporter asked him why they collapsed so easily he was visibly outraged.
        “They were designed to withstand a 727 (747’s hadnt started flying yet) airplane strike. By a 727 that was a) lost in the fog, b) low on fuel, c) flying at a minimal speed. We never thought that anyone would intentionally crash a jetliner into the buildings!” ( the design criteria was based on a 1947 B17 plane strike into the Empire State building that was (lost in the fog, low on fuel…looking for LaGuardia Airport) The then added, “My design worked. The buildings survived the impact, they didnt survive the jetfuel fire.”
        The towers didnt have sprinklers. He had designed them with sprinklers but they were too costly and were cut from the project. The fire continued to build with all the combustable material available(paper, carpet, furniture, etc.( LA almost lost a similar highrise office building to collapse in the 80’s for the exact same reason. ie a fire, no sprinklers, too high to suppress from the ground. The fire was eventually stopped by a PRIVATE sprinkler system installed on the 25th floor by a full floor tenant!)
        The towers were designed with structural steel posts on the outside glass walls supporting steel joists attatched to the concrete center core(elevators and stairs).
        The fulled fueled jets(all the flights were Boston to LA commuters) that intentionally were accellerating then sliced through numerous steel posts upon impact. The fires did the rest.
        As for “controlled explosions” . Do you have any idea how long those take to set up in an unoccupied, building? Weeks, if not months.
        As for Tower 7 collapsing several days later. I’d say the structural integrity of that building right next to 2 buildings that collapsed with such force they were recorded by seismographs in California……….
        Nah , the only tragedy is that the US “intelligence” agencies had all the information about this pending attack but were too stupid and too busy protecting their own “turf” to share with each other.


        • Not often we disagree but we do. Evidence suggests that it was a staged demolition. And building seven fell in exactly the same way without even being hit. Plus jet fuel burns at too low a temperature to melt steel. But let us not get set apart by a difference of opinion because that is all it is. You see, all the steel from the towers was shipped overseas for re-cycling within the first week. There is nothing to examine. So…you could be right. Maybe two jets compacted two huge high-rises like pancakes – practically within their own footprints. Stranger things have happened. But the petitioners and Elizabeth have questions. Me? I have no questions at all.


          • Funny you should say that………but after reading No Where to Hide by Glenn Greenwald, it is clear that there is, in fact, no place to hide. If the bastards wanna get me for NOT believing that one particular lie (amongst so many), they can. Hell, even my cell phone rats me out every day and I am NOT DOING anything! Oops, gotta go…there is a SWAT team at the door.


  4. My relatives homesteaded near Pigeon Lake Alberta circa 1901. First year in a sod hut gathering swamp grass trying to keep warm. Roughing in the bush is Canadian tradition but is much changed today. Yellowstone is upgrading its wifi to alieviate the suffering of teenagers languishing in the parental units trailer.


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