Job creativity

I like to think I work with my brain more than my ever-diminishing brawn.  Which has to be true since there is barely any trace of brawn left.  Mind you, finding brain is getting harder, too. Personal resource inventory is getting low.

“So, with no brawn and very little brain, waddya got?”

Not much.  But that’s where Kubby comes in.  Kubby-the-Kubota.  Oooh, the little cutie!

My friend, the contractor has his little front-end-loader (like a bigger BobCat) here at the construction site and his regular operator is off doing other stuff.  “Hey, Dave!  Wanna run the Kubota for a few days?”

So, now I get to wheel Kubby around the sloping terrain in an amateurish effort to clean the site up some.  Which should prove fun.  If there is a problem, (and there is) it is that Kubby is about 7 feet wide and space restrictions all around the property are much the same. Maybe an inch or two to spare.  Down by the pool with the long and fragile glass room extension, there is maybe 7’6″.  And I am going to be carrying pallets of loosely stacked granite stone.

“Unh, you got insurance, right?  Plenty of it?”

“Just be careful, OK?”

Creativity is not about making something from nothing.  It is about making something from nothing while accepting some significant constraints.  For instance, a painting is limited by the medium (acrylics, oils, water colours), the frame size, the material on which the paint is placed and the subject matter at hand. In my example, I am constrained by space, lack of skill, fragile boundaries (the building) and topography (Sal thinks I will end up upside down in the lower tennis court covered in granite blocks).  I have physics and gravity working against me, too.  One way or the other, I will make a spectacle of it.

Think of me as the van Gogh of site clean-up and hope that only my ear is in any kind of danger.


3 thoughts on “Job creativity

  1. Neat! Tooling around in a Kubota for free! Enjoy!

    Trivia note: 2015 was the year Marty McFly and the Doc set for their time travel in Back to the Future II (God Im getting old!)


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