Temporary failure to launch

Right now, if I am not bulldozing or consulting, I am walking the dog.  And, trust me, the dog and I are getting the bulk of the time so far this year.  Bulldozing ended with the rain (but maybe today will be dry enough) and consulting ended at Xmas.  From now on, it is just dogs and salvage and Craigslist. And socializing.  And counting down………….

Of course, we still have the book to launch but it has been caught up in the minutiae stage. The ‘print version’ is ready, the ‘Kindle’ version is ready and the e-reader (different from Kindle but suitable for libraries) version will be ready soon but all three take different formatting efforts and we are planning on a three-beachhead attack.  The plan: launch when ALL is ready!  L-minus 3 days and counting……..

And all is just not-quite ready………..not quite….just….not….details, details, details………

This is easy for me to say because Sal is doing it all.  It is she who has to marshal all the minutiae in the manuscript.  It is she who has to satisfy the publishing algorithm demands. It is all computer-robot-driven these days, it seems.  But she is becoming a publishing expert right before my eyes.  ‘Pixels’, ‘DPI’, ‘margins’, ‘fonts’, ‘points’, ‘indents’ and the like are sprinkled throughout her conversation only half of which is audible as she tends to talk to herself as she works.  I hear the swear words clearly, though, (and a sleeping Fiddich is launched to his feet!) but the rest is just a constant murmur as we sit and type together. And drink tea.

I’d rather be with Kubby.

Or my new-old, broken motorbike.  Which I have not yet had a chance to mess with.

Course, it could be worse.  I could be anywhere else in the rest of Canada covered in snow, shoveling, snow-blowing or trying to do stuff in 40 below.  For all my hearty, mountain-manliness, I am no longer interested in snow.  Not in the least.  Or mud.

Or mountains, now that I actually think about it.  Basically I am just a soft-pillow kinda mountain man. Like Pillsbury.  My mountain-manliness comes from the silhouette I cast rather than my interests.  I prefer gravel pits, beaches and off-the-leash parks now.

As you can see by this post, I am slipping into a drooling coma…..waiting on tenterhooks. Waiting for something to happen.  Celebrity.  Booker, Giller, Stephen Leacock.  Building damage, lawsuits, bleeding. Groupies.  Going fast out of control ’cause the throttle stuck! SOMETHING!

It is time to get 2015 on the road!


5 thoughts on “Temporary failure to launch

  1. The events in France are horrific. Sad. Tragic. But somewhat predictable. The magazine has been a target of extremists for some time. I am fully supportive of freedom of speech and even offensive speech (which is so often the case when it is not even intended anyway). And, if they try and hang those three guys, we are all the richer for it.

    But sadly, my attention was drawn to Harper’s embarrassing inclusion of the madman in Ottawa with the REAL terrorist attacks in Sidney and now Paris. Those attacks were organized, targeted and intended to be what they were. The idiot in Ottawa was just a delusional but it served his agenda of fear mongering and so he included Canada in that and that disgusts me. The guy is shameless.


    • Harper is a fear monger. Fearful people vote Conservative. The boogie man is coming and he has a black balaclava. Vote Conservative now it’s your only hope.


  2. Where are you guys (Jan 8, 1:46 AM and 2:06) commenting from? I’m here in Western Canader, eh and its only 9:00 PM on January 7th. You must be in New Zealand?


    • Good point. I didn’t notice. I just bought a new computer and it has some weird settings. Those times are wrong. The responses were written at ‘normal’ times from West Vancouver (our temporary digs while in Vancouver). Mind you, those settings may help to throw off the NSA.


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