Fame! We’re gonna live forever!

Front CoverPlease forgive the lyrical title (from the musical, Fame).  But we are up and present on Amazon.com and Amazon.uk so the paper-version, printed-pages-and-cover book is now real!


Although, Amazon.ca seems NOT YET to have it except in the Kindle version.  Sheesh!

This news is pretty good ’cause I had an interview on CBC Monday and I said it would be up in a day or so.  Thank God, it is!  The interview was only 6 minutes long on All Points West with Khalil Akhtar but that leaves only 9 minutes more to fill to satisfy my Andy Warhol’s quota of 15 minutes of fame.  Or one and half more interviews. Woohoo!

Oprah for nine minutes should do it, eh?

Now, just for the record: no one reading this has to buy the book.  You’ve likely already read it in blog-version, anyway.  The book is really just an interminable, mutated, cobbled blog diary hacked and blended into something half-readable by an editor who thinks the author mad most of the time, stupid all of the time and funny but once or twice every hundred pages.  Sal is pretty fond of me but she is still an enthusiastic and staunchly correct (politically, manners, subject and grammar) critic.  So, her reserved, British-side has curbed our optimism.  “We won’t get rich and famous and, if we do, it will be in spite of our literary abilities not because of them”.

Which is good because I would be weak around groupies.

But please feel free to take it out of the library – when they get it – which will be sooner rather than later if you make the request (hint).  You can use it for fire starter if you want because that will require the library to buy another copy.  In that way, we can guarantee sales without burdening our friends.

Anyway, we retain the movie rights.  That’s where all the action is.  We’re gonna get Willy to play the orca.  I figure Jack Black to play the raven, Kevin James to play me, Kiera Knightley will make a passable Sal if she works on her smile and builds some body strength while adding construction and literary skills to her haute cuisine abilities.  Make-up and special effects will have to make her cuter, tho.  Industrial Light and Magic if they want to get even close to the real Sally.

It may have to go animated….we’ll see.  Shrek could play me………….

Final Back Cover




15 thoughts on “Fame! We’re gonna live forever!

  1. Oh God, I just realized that now that you will become famous you wont have time for your blog! Gaaaaaaa!
    Let us luddites know when the ‘print” version is available on Amazon.
    As for sales…..ya never know.
    I had a neighbor who was an English professor (retired) and he wrote a book in the mid 1970’s about Grammar. Negligable sales for 20 years then BOOM! The Ontario Teachers Union recommended it as a teaching aid. He would gleefully wave his monthly royalty cheque at his wife whilst supping wine……..
    Ya never know.


    • Oh, I am pretty sure I know………no Man Booker award anytime soon. But that was never the point anyway. The point was to vent. And that part worked. If we sell a few hundred copies, I’ll be ecstatic, and even more insufferable than I am already. Sal is hoping for no sales at all except libraries, “OH, God. I don’t think I could cope with groupies coming to visit!”
      “What about librarians in groups?”
      “OH GOD!!!”


      • Just put up a sign on the rocks at the shoreline. “No Groupies” and a picture of an attack dog.

        A friend of mine had a recording of a large barking dog that would play if someone rang his doorbell. His townhouse was never burgularized but 6 of his neighbors were hit………..


  2. The print version IS ON TODAY!!! THAT was today’s topic!!! Woohoo! http://www.amazon.com/Our-Life-Off-Grid-Couple/dp/0994014503

    Oh, I’ll have time for the blog (for what that is worth). It’s like flossing for me. Mind flossing. Gets rid of some of the poison bits. ‘Specially the rants. ‘Specially the political, anti-Harper rants. I always feel a bit lighter after. Cleaner.

    But, of course, you can only do so many rants and get away with it. Too many and someone writes: “Hey! Enough already with the rants. I want ravens!”

    The only sure winner on my blogs is a personal injury story. My readers love ’em. And, given my standard rate of self mutilation, I will be writing for years. Don’t worry. Hmmm…unless I lose some fingers…I guess….


    • Listened to your CBC interview and you were funny. I cracked up a couple of times. I noticed you slipped in a few orcas but no raving about Jack! What’s up?


      • Thanks. I’ll give Jack some extra time on the next one. Did you know that I could perform an appendectomy? You’d have to be willing, of course. Very hard to do if the patient resists. Great dinner.


  3. So proud of you guys David!! I read the first pages online and love, love it!! What’s a ‘kindle’? ;), waiting for the print version so I can buy lots!! Also, shared it on my Facebook profile and expect to generate some buzz there. Can you link the book to that lovely video about you and Sal? The video is a great complement to the book. Hope to see you soon! When do you think you guys will be travelling thru Sidney? I’ve got champagne for popping and scotch for pouring!! Cheers, sus xo


    • Thanks, Sue. We are pretty ‘chuffed’, too. Walkin’ around…head high…chest out…telling anyone we encounter (strangers, street people, store clerks, police, etc.). Pretty pathetic, really. But kinda fun, too. People are pretty much obliged to say nice things and we lap it up. We’re such saps for attention. The bloom will go off the rose soon, of course, but right now, it is feeling good. I am even anticipating groupies (albeit 60+ ers)!
      A Kindle is an e-reader, like a small tablet (computer) that is a dedicated device used just for reading books. Amazon has the Kindle and sells books exclusively for it. E-books. Kobo and a few other companies make other e-readers but they don’t receive books from Amazon – they get their versions of the books from SMASHWORDS. Our research suggests getting a Kobo because the library serves up books for KOBO and Kobo-clones but not for the Amazon/Kindle format. Seems e-readers are now more used than are actual paper books.
      “Do I have to buy an e-reader?” No. The libraries will loan them so that you can see if you like ’em. I like ’em. Sal doesn’t. Though she is coming around….
      The print version is out. But it will never come out on Amazon.CA because Amazon.com sells to Amazon.ca and then Amazon.ca adds their margin to the Amazon.com product and the 12.00 book yields about 12 cents to the author. Direct from Amazon.com yields about $3.00. We are not in for the money, of course, but 1% is silly. So, order from Amazon.com or wait for the library.


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