Celebrity endorses book!

We asked for a striking-but-mature model to pose for promotional pictures and lucked out by signing Ms M.C. Hart, the famous eastern book reviewer and former publisher in Peterborough, Ontario.  Ms Hart was very clear in her endorsement: “You can’t pay me enough!” and “I am having a real Read Island experience.  Pass the wine.  It doesn’t hurt the author’s work that I am completely snowed in and can’t get away. Luckily we have a very nice and hungry fireplace crackling away keeping us company.”

Ms Hart’s book reviews are always short and pithy.

“I have nothing to say!” said her husband and former editor, John Hart.  For John to be left speechless is quite a compliment in itself.  He has never been short or pithy.

We regard both these comments as ringing endorsements for the book – because they were so unforced and natural.   Almost screamed over the phone, actually….They ended their review by saying, “Please, no more questions.  The work speaks for itself.  Volumes. Much easier to read volumes than the actual book!”

By then the bad weather back east had disconnected our conversation.

But we took their last words to mean that maybe we should write a sequel…?

(I am kidding, of course, MC and John are two of our close partners, friends and supporters


6 thoughts on “Celebrity endorses book!

    • Thanks. We’re feeling pretty good about it. Even went so far as to take pictures of ourselves holding a new copy of the book. Isn’t that a bit sad? We spent the next hour or so figuring out how to get a life. Sheesh.


  1. Gotta love your sense of humour!
    I have read your blogs for years, know many of the cast of characters and still found myself laughing and turning pages to read the outcome even when I could see it coming.
    Well done David (and of course Sally who is the driving force behind everything). Your self deprecating sense of humour really shines through when read as a book.

    So, to all your readers, I recommend that even if you have read the blog, read the book, you will love it.


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