Who knows?

I haven’t been writing as much lately.  Don’t have that much to say, I guess.  Think about it: the last post was about walking a dog!  How sad is that?

Things still happen, of course.  Life is still set to ‘run’ even tho it might be on ‘sleep’ or ‘hibernate’ a bit more.  It is just that it is not quite so interesting right now.  The mansion is nearing completion and so our ‘gig’ here will end soon.  But that is more than okay, we are looking forward to it.  The book is launched (as we have repeated ad nauseam) and that is especially good, even tho there is a lot of follow up still to be done.  Actually, the follow up is a smidge onerous for Sal and when she complained about it, my son said, “Hey! Suck it up.  Life is not all fun and games, ya know?”  

Haunting words, those.  He heard them from someone else decades before.

My daughter called, “The lizard is dead!  I think I may have killed it!  Ohmygawd!”  And so we consoled her on the death of her friend’s bearded dragon she was caring for.  “Life is tough and then you die and so suck it up…oh never mind…sorry for the cliche and equally as sorry for your loss.”  

Then the next day, “It’s aaaaaalllliiiiveee!”  Seems the dragon went into hibernation or sleep mode.  So, dull must be going around.   Even for lizards.  January is a slow month, I guess.

I have picked up some more ‘stuff’ to cart back home.  Really good stuff.  Most of it heavy. But it’s all good even if it is going to be heavy work and it isn’t all fun and games. And slow is okay for me. Really. Semi-hibernation is just fine.  We all need to take it a bit slower now and then. No complaints.

So sometimes the cliches have to be modified a bit.

I try NOT to live a cliche.  I try NOT to be trite.  I figure if it is trite or cliche, I can read about it. Or watch it on TV’s so-called news.  It is my duty to seek out that which is NOT so ordinary, not so predictable, not so ordinary.  If life is to be full, I have to make it so.

Well, once in awhile, anyway.

Mind you, what with all the time spent sleeping, eating, ablutions, working and time in traffic, there is precious little opportunity for the new and magical without a struggle. Dull seems to take up so much of your time if you let it. You really have to work at finding the fun and games.  System requirements are such that even search time is limited and time spent actually doing any magic disrupts the ever-full routine of eating and sleeping and such.

Finding the adventure starts with finding the time.  And finding the time may just start with recognizing the dull.

So Sal thinks we should get a really macho 4×4 and drive to Tierra del Fuego.  We are not going to do that! (El Salvador alone scared the hell out of us – what is she thinking?)  But at least she is looking out for the next chapter of fun and games. That’s good.  That’s really good.  That is the first step to finding it.  I am currently still in sleep/hibernation mode and, because I still have some fun and games planned for this coming season (greenhouse, etc.) I am NOT looking very much at all to the distant future but I am happy that she is.

There may be another adventure in the offing yet.

5 thoughts on “Who knows?

  1. Ahhhhh, driving to the ends of the South American continent. Brush up on your Spanish. And dont forget the Darien Gap. Gotta ferry around THAT swamp.
    My brother spent 3 months travelling the highways and byways of the west coast of South America a few years back. Loved it. Took a bus most of the time. Sat next to a lady with a burlap sack full of live chickens with their heads sticking out of slits in the sack one day. An ofaculatory experience for sure. Completed his trip in Brazil during Carnival. Good way to end it. The crowds made him want to get home. The next year El Nino washed out roads and some towns where he had been. Ya never know.


  2. Naaaaaaaa.. just don’t think so. Sal and I chicken-bused through Guatemala and El Salvador a couple of years ago and, while nicely reminiscent of our ‘hippier’ days, was also bloody scary. Your basic El Salvadorean is not having a nice time of it. The ‘drog’ superhighway has plenty of wreckage and El Salvador is one of the worst. It was the Darien Gap that has held us back til…well, a couple of decades ago….but now it is reality and cowardice that is holding us back. I think of Palm Springs as a ‘retirement home’ kinda place but I think of Central America as a dangerous occupation by comparison. And I am retired, after all.


    • hahahahaha, His girlfriend accompanied him for about a month of it until her vacation time ran out. Her scariest experience was when a native guide crawled into a hole head first under a tree root in the jungle..and then backed out with a BOA !
      My brother really liked Chile and Argentina (especially down south in wine country)…… reminded him of Europe. Very friendly people… but Spanish is a must. Enjoy the game.


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